Has Anything Changed? (sequel to The Child Assignment)

this is the sequel to 'The Child Assignment' please read that before you read this, unless you only want half of the story :) Louis Tomlinson and Sophie Jones had previously paired up in an assignment 'The Child Assignment' they used to be enemy's and hate each other, but during the assignment it had changed their lives, they got attached to the child they looked after, and in the end, Louis and Sophie became friends, but wanted more, and of course all good things come to an end. In the end Kaitlyn, the child they had looked after, and begun to love, had been adopted. Louis has now gone into X factor and Sophie has moved to London, will Sophie and Louis ever meet again? will they see Kaitlyn again? will she remember them? has anything changed?


22. chapter 21 - backstage

Louis' point of view

We were in the middle of Summer Love, and all I heard was a little girl yelling my name, I looked and saw Kaitlyn, I quickly ran over to her knowing she was scared, I picked her up and wrapped my arms around her then quickly sitting back on the step as my turn was approaching, I sat Kaitlyn on my lap, she lay her head on my chest, a minute later it was my turn to sing "wish that we could, be alone now, if we could some place to hide, make the last time, just like the first time, push a button and rewind" I sang softly and gently rocked her side to side as I sang, instead of screams, there were awww's and silence from the audience

Kaitlyns point of view

when Louis started singing it made me smile, I smile and lay my head on his shoulder, after a while the song finished, I looked up at him and smiled,

" I missed you so much Louis" I whisper in his ear

"and ive missed you so much to" he whispers back

for the remaining of the concert I was on stage with him and the other boys, who also paid attention to me

Louis' point of view

at the end of the concert I took Kaitlyn backstage, while Paul went to find her, foster mother, I smiled and sat her down on the couch, as Harry got her a glass of orange juice which she asked for, then Sophie and Lou came out with Lux

Sophie's point of view

Lou and I heard the boys come in, yay, not, so we walked back, I was carrying Lux, then saw a little girl, on the couch, wait, that's Kaitlyn, what's she doing here, I thought to myself

"hello boys" Lou smiled

"hey Lou, hey Soph" they all smiled

"hey" I say

"its you" Kaitlyn giggles "the one from the x factor"

I chuckle and nod "yeah its me"

"so whats going on here" Lou asked

"well, she ran on stage wanting to see me, and now Paul has gone looking for her mother" Louis explained

"ohhh" we both nod, and Lux looks at her and smiled


an hour later

Paul still hasn't come back

"what will we do if we don't find her mother" Lou asks

Lux is asleep and Louis and me are playing with Kaitlyn, just like how it used to be, sigh

"I don't know, what do you think" Harry asks

"well we cant just abandon her" Niall says

we all nod agreein

"we could take care of her" Louis says

"what!" everyone says

"well Sophie already looks after Lux when were on stage, she wont mind looking after Kaitlyn to right" he asked and turned to me

"no" I shake my head with a smile

"well think about it" Liam smiled

just then Paul walked in.......

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