Has Anything Changed? (sequel to The Child Assignment)

this is the sequel to 'The Child Assignment' please read that before you read this, unless you only want half of the story :) Louis Tomlinson and Sophie Jones had previously paired up in an assignment 'The Child Assignment' they used to be enemy's and hate each other, but during the assignment it had changed their lives, they got attached to the child they looked after, and in the end, Louis and Sophie became friends, but wanted more, and of course all good things come to an end. In the end Kaitlyn, the child they had looked after, and begun to love, had been adopted. Louis has now gone into X factor and Sophie has moved to London, will Sophie and Louis ever meet again? will they see Kaitlyn again? will she remember them? has anything changed?


17. Chapter 16 - swimming part 1

Louis' point of view

I remember the last time I went swimming, and that was when Sophie and I went with Kaitlyn we all got ready and on the tour bus, Lou handed Lux to Sophie and she started rocking her, she seemed so natural with her I know its her...second cousin is it...but she seemed like she's done this before Lux. I shrugged it off and started driving to the pool...

when we got there we were mobbed almost the second we stepped out of the bus, luckily, Sophie or Lux didn't get as mobbed, we stopped for a bit and took pictures and stuff. finally we had gotten in the  swimming baths, Lux had got her little costume on, it was so cute, she also has a special baby rubber ring to keep her afloat, the girls went into their changing room and we went in ours, finally we were all ready, Sophie looked amazing..wait Louis top it...you have Eleanor and she has a boyfriend

"everyone ready" Liam asked,

"yep yep yep" we all smiled,

"well what are we waiting for" Harry screamed and ran in the pool

we all laughed as he rose from the water,

"are you coming in or what" he laughed,

we all laughed with him and dove in, except Sophie, she was taking Lux so she took the steps and put Lux in her baby ring thing, and was playing with her, I swam over to her, I kissed Lux on the cheek and turned to Sophie,

"lets swim" I smile,

"I cant I have Lux" she giggled

"bring her with us" I said,

"and how are we supposed to do that" she chuckled,

"have we got any string" I asked,

"oh yeah...I just carry string around with me Louis....honestly" she chuckled rolling her eyes,

"what...you could have" I said innocently,

"we could just push her while swimming.....I mean if you really do want to swim"  she replied,

"sure" I smiled back

so Sophie and I started swimming, Zayn joined us half way through, coz odviously he couldn't go in the deep end,

"alright you two, i'll take care of Lux now" Liam smiled

"are you sure" I asked

"of course" he smiled,

"ok" I smiled and kissed him on the cheek

"come on Louis...lets join the others" she said, I chuckled and nodded

and we swam over to the others, I glanced at Liam playing with Lux, he seemed happy enough, I shrugged and started listening to what the others were saying

"im going on the diving board" I said, I wanted to be a dare devil,

"no Louis no" Niall said,

"I want  to though" I reply,

"Louis no" Harry warned,

"Louis its dangerous" Sophie said,

"I feel like being a dare devil" I grinned,

"no" Zayn said,

"im going" I say swimming to the edge and pulling myself out of the pool and onto the side, where I made my way over to the diving board, gulp

im so sorry I didn't update, it was my friends prom yesterday and I was busy with her trying to get everything sorted, hope you all can forgive me :) thanks for being patient :)

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