Has Anything Changed? (sequel to The Child Assignment)

this is the sequel to 'The Child Assignment' please read that before you read this, unless you only want half of the story :) Louis Tomlinson and Sophie Jones had previously paired up in an assignment 'The Child Assignment' they used to be enemy's and hate each other, but during the assignment it had changed their lives, they got attached to the child they looked after, and in the end, Louis and Sophie became friends, but wanted more, and of course all good things come to an end. In the end Kaitlyn, the child they had looked after, and begun to love, had been adopted. Louis has now gone into X factor and Sophie has moved to London, will Sophie and Louis ever meet again? will they see Kaitlyn again? will she remember them? has anything changed?


14. Chapter 14 - Tickets On Sale

Louis' point of view

I woke up from the sun beaming in, I looked at where Sophie is supposed to be, yes she's sleeping, awww she looks cute, wait Louis, what are you saying, I shrugged it off, today was the day the extra special surprise tickets were on sale

I looked at the clock, 9:00am, they will be on sale in an hour, I slid out of bed and went downstairs , I was the only one up, I sighed and turned the TV on to the music channel, I watched it for a whie until I herd someone come down the stairs......

Kaitlyn's point of view

"mum...mum...mum...extra special tickets go on sale for One Direction in an hour, please can I try for them..please" I begged, I wanted to see Louis again,

'I don't know why your so obsessed with them...but ok" she sighed,

"yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay" I screeched jumping up and down

she rolled her eyes and started getting the phone ready to ring in,


"goooo" I yelled as she rang,

after a few seconds she got through,

"hey...yes please can I order 2 tickets for One Direction please" she said I screeched,

"yes....yes..right ok then" she started and she told them our details, once she got off the phone she sad,

"you got front row tickets, they did this in secret" she laughed, I yelled, Louis and the boys, here I come I screeched and jumped for ages

Louis' point of view

the person opened the door, I turned and saw Sophie, just as 'Just The Way You Are was on TV

"hey" I smiled,

"hey" she smiled back and sat next to me

we both turned to the screen, I remember when me and Sophie used to sing to Kaitlyn, Sophie sighed,

"whats up" I asked

"oh nothing" she smiled,

"fake smile, tell me, you can trust me" I smiled back,

she sighed again

"well......uhhhh.....re....." she started

but was cut off by Harry and Niall having a play fight coming downstairs

""hey guys" they greeted,

"hey" we both smiled, damn you Niall and Harry

"so whats happening today" Niall asked,

"the special tickets are on sale in an hour, but we aren't doing anything" I laughed

"well when everyone wakes up, well see what we can do"  Harry said,

we all nodded in agreement, we all turned to the TV and waited for all the others to come down

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