I Won't Give Up *IN EDITING*

Falling for your best friend is always tough, but Emily always imagined it to be as perfect as relationships come. Holding hands, long walks on the beach, endless kissing. What she couldn't imagine was her relationship to contain fights, tears and heartbreak.

Will fate allow young Emily Downs to be in the perfect relationship she's always wanted, or take her down a dark twisted road full of cheating, hatred, lies and run aways.

Only time will tell for these two lovebirds.


17. Chapter XVII

By the time dinner had rolled around, I awoke to the smell of Chinese Take-out.

I yawned and moaned, rubbing my tired eyes as I took in my surroundings. Ashton was the only other person in the room still, and I was still comfortably laying on top of him.

I kissed his neck softly and he moaned, causing me to laugh and climb off from his lap. I ruffled his hair and grabbed his hands to pull him up, his eyes still closed but a smile on his lips.

“Dinner’s here.” I whisper in his ear, his eyes fully widening now as I lead him from the darkened room and through to the kitchen, where all the chatter was erupting from.


“Morning sleepy heads.” Maddie laughed as we both entered the kitchen, and strolled to where everyone else was dishing out their dinner. Ashton grabbed a plate for him and me and dished out a little bit of everything, with the array of Chinese dishes set out along the long counter top.

I followed Ashton to the large wooden dining table, as did the others, as we arranged ourselves around and began eating.




“So Sophie, how did you meet Michael?” I smile, finishing my mouthful of stir fry that was no doubt mouth-watering.

“Well, actually it was the day Michael saw you.” She giggled, taking a sip from her Vodka Double Black that was one of many that my Aunt had left for us.

“Really?” Ashton laughed, remembering the day like it was burned into his brain.

“Yeah, I saw her by the lake crying so being the gentleman I am” Everyone laughed, “I offered to buy her ice-cream, and we just started talking.” He beamed, his smile brighter than the sun. Everyone aww’d at the two before we fell into light chatter again, the sound of silver clanking against plates drowning out in the background.


I headed up to bed shortly after, saying goodnight to my friends before leaving them in the kitchen, chatting amongst themselves. Ashton followed closely behind, his stare fixated on me as I reached our room.

Ashton closed the door as I pulled back the covers and climbed in. He crawled in a moment later, his arm snaking around my waist, pulling me into his now shirtless chest. He laced our fingers together, his palm to the back of my hand as he rested his head in the crook of my neck.

He hummed against my skin as I pushed my butt against his crotch, getting comfortable, yet teasing him a little bit.

“Emily.” He moaned.

I smiled to myself as he pulled me closer to him, breathing in my scent as he whispered, “Goodnight Emily.”

“Goodnight Ashton.” I breathed, closing my eyes as I matched my breathing pattern to Ashton’s.




“It’s Easter tomorrow.” I cheered, walking down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“I swear Emily you’re the only one who’s excited about Easter.” Luke laughed, taking a mouthful of his cereal.

“Who doesn’t love chocolate?” Sophie added, smiling as she drank her glass of juice.

“Exactly.” Ashton piped, coming up behind me and squeezing my bum. I jumped in my place as he walked off, chuckling under his breath.

I scurried over to the counter and poured myself a bowl of cereal, scoffing it down in an instant. I aided myself to avoid Ashton for a bit of the morning, I didn’t want to seem too clingy.

“So, what’s the plan for today?” I inquired, placing my empty bowl in the sink and walking to Maddie’s side.

“Just pool and movies.” Maddie chirped as the others nodded.

“Sweet.” I smiled, taking a sip of orange juice.

“I’ve got something else planned for us.” Ashton whispered, sneaking up behind me and placing his moist lips beside my head. “Just me and you.”


My heart skipped a beat as my mind raced, thinking of all the possible things Ashton could have planned today.


How is he having this sort of effect on me?

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