I Won't Give Up *IN EDITING*

Falling for your best friend is always tough, but Emily always imagined it to be as perfect as relationships come. Holding hands, long walks on the beach, endless kissing. What she couldn't imagine was her relationship to contain fights, tears and heartbreak.

Will fate allow young Emily Downs to be in the perfect relationship she's always wanted, or take her down a dark twisted road full of cheating, hatred, lies and run aways.

Only time will tell for these two lovebirds.


16. Chapter XVI

Over the last two weeks a lot has happened.


Ashton invited me to stay with him until things calmed down with my mother, and I am so thankful for him. His mother and brother feel just like my own family.

We are now on our Easter holidays, with Easter only in two days, we’ve decided to go on a little retreat. Not just me and Ashton, but the rest of the boys as well. My Aunt has a holiday house in land, she’s leant it to me for the weekend whilst she’s visiting her husband in Queensland.

Things between Ashton, Calum and I are a lot better, Calum has even been hanging out with someone. She doesn’t go to our school however so we’re all dying to meet her.

And Ashton has been taking me out on dates. Last Tuesday night we went for dinner and then a movie, and two nights ago we went bowling and then later, dessert. 


Although we aren't a couple, I couldn't be happier.


“Emily?” Ashton calls, pulling me out of my thoughts to head up the stairs and to the room Ashton and I are staying in.

“Yes babe?” I ask, pushing the door inwards to reveal a shirtless Ashton.

“You want to join me in the pool?” He smirks as he saunters towards me, kissing my shoulder.

“Just let me get changed.” I smile, unraveling myself from his embrace and heading to my bag. I pulled out my red bikini and slipped out of Ashton’s sweats and shirt and pulled on my swimsuit, as Ashton’s back was turned to me.

“Ready.” I smile, walking and grasping a hold of his hand and heading down the wide staircase. We grabbed our towels from the kitchen counter and walk out to the back patio, where the pool and spa were.


Throwing our towels over the back of the pool chairs made it all that quicker for us to get in the pool. The sun was blaring and the water was crystal clear.  

Ashton jumped in and I followed, almost landing on him. Laughter filled the air as we emerged from under water.

He snaked his arm around my bare waist and pulled me close, crashing his lips on mine. The kiss was soft and slow to begin with, but soon quickened as our lips moved in sync. His lips were smooth and soft and fit with mine like two pieces of a puzzle. My fingers ran through his wet hair as I wrapped my legs around his hips, removing any spare space we had between our bodies.

His tongue ran along my bottom lip as my mouth slightly widened, allowing entry.

Two minutes later he pulled away for a breath, staring into my eyes as I stared into his. His arms snaked to the middle of my back, as his long fingers unraveled my bikini top. He threw it aside as he cupped my face in his hands, his lips placed softly on mine once again.

I was utterly breathless.

Physically and emotionally.

My feelings for Ashton had never been so strong.


“Knock knock! Anyone home?” Someone called, and I pulled away from Ashton real fast. My eyes widened and my mouth fell open, as I realised the boys had come early.

“Are you guys here- Oh my god!” Michael yelled, dropping his bags to the ground as he saw Ashton and I in the pool, me topless. I covered my breasts with my hands as I frantically searched for my top, but all I could hear was Michael’s laugh as my top was no where to be found.


Ashton climbed out and grabbed a towel for me, helping me out and wrapping one around my practically naked body.

“Oh shut up Michael.” Ashton joked, drying his hair off with a towel. He grabbed my hand and followed Michael inside, but before we entered the theatre room to meet the others, we scrammed upstairs to get changed.




After a shower I changed back into Ashton’s pair of grey sweats and plain white tee, his shirt being too big so I tucked it into my pants. I tied my hair up into a small bun and sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for Ashton to exit the shower.

A few minutes later Ashton came out of the steamy bathroom with a towel around his hips, his hair sticking to his forehead.

I watched in awe as he got dressed, watching his back muscles move beneath his skin as he pulled his shirt over his bare torso.

“Let’s go.” He spoke, his lips curling into a smile as he pulled up his sweats and entwined our fingers.


“Emily!” Maddie screeched, jumping up from the couch next to Luke and wrapping her entire body around mine.

“Maddie!” I screamed back, spinning her around in a circle and laughing with her.

She pulled me away from Ashton forcefully, but playfully, and threw me down on the couch beside her, smiling as she introduced me to Sophie, Michael’s close friend.

And when I say close, I mean they act like girlfriend and boyfriend but are still just friends.

I guess like Ashton and I.


I love my Aunt's house because where we were, the theatre room currently, was my favourite room in the house. It was filled with couches and had the movie projection. It was a dark room that allowed no light in. Everyone was comfortable. Everyone had somewhere to sit.


Ashton scooted next to me on the couch and pulled me onto his lap, allowing me to bury my head into his chest. Calum had put in a movie and everyone sat down on the couches, making themselves comfortable as Just Go With It began playing through the projection and onto the plain white wall.

This is my favourite way to watch movies. Like in the movie theatres. 


My eye lids became heavy as I felt very relaxed laying on Ashton. He wrapped his arms around my stomach as I closed my eyes, slowly falling into a deep slumber. 

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