I Won't Give Up *IN EDITING*

Falling for your best friend is always tough, but Emily always imagined it to be as perfect as relationships come. Holding hands, long walks on the beach, endless kissing. What she couldn't imagine was her relationship to contain fights, tears and heartbreak.

Will fate allow young Emily Downs to be in the perfect relationship she's always wanted, or take her down a dark twisted road full of cheating, hatred, lies and run aways.

Only time will tell for these two lovebirds.


14. Chapter XIV

Tears fell from my cheeks and onto the paper, as I finished the letter. Folding it up and placing it inside a fresh envelope, I headed for Ashton’s street, which thankfully was only a 3 blocks away.


When Ashton’s house was within metres from my presence, I hesitantly approached the Irwin’s letterbox, placing the letter addressed to Ashton inside. I turned around and headed back to my house, where I was found face to face with my mother sucking face with a sleazy, black haired guy who seemed to only own one outfit.

Sweats and a greasy tee shirt.


“Mum!” I yelled, pushing the door aside as I entered the doorway.

She stopped kissing the guy and stared at me, without a word.

“Mum how could you? How can you just forget about Dad?!” I screamed, furiously staring between my sleazy mother and this gutter guy as they lay half naked on top of her.


Fresh tears escaped my eyes as I instantly felt betrayed by mother.

How could she do this?

Dad hadn’t even been gone for two years.


“Emily listen-“

“No mum I don’t want to hear it!” I cried, running past the two and headed for my room.


Through blurry vision, I grabbed a bag and began packing my essentials; clothes, my laptop, toiletries etc. Once all of my stuff was crammed into my shoulder sports bag, I headed once again past the two, who unenviably were grinding on each other once again, and out to the busted up side walk.


I couldn’t head to Ashton’s because he was still mad at me.

I couldn’t go to Calum’s because that would upset Ashton.

Where could I go?


My mind wandered to Luke and realised he was only about a fifteen minute walk south, so that’s where I headed.


Walking up to Luke’s modern day, two story home, I wiped away my tears before knocking on the white wooden door.

The door swung open a moment later, and Ashton’s face met with mine.


“Ashton, I, um.” I stuttered.

“Hey Emily.” Ashton lent against the door frame, nervously running his fingers through his tangled hair. “Are you okay? Why do you have a bag, and you’re crying? Em-“ He paused, as his mind put the pieces of the puzzle together.


I collapsed to the veranda and cried into my hands. He knelt down beside me and wrapped his arms around my body, helping me to my feet, leading me into Luke’s house and shutting the door.


I stood frozen, praying Luke would walk down those stairs any moment, taking me out of this awkward situation.


“Emily.” Ashton began.

“No Ashton I get it you have every right to be angry at me.” I spoke quietly but quickly, grabbing my bag once more before pulling the door open and heading back outside.

“Emily wait.” I heard Ashton call, but I just shook my head, staring at the cemented ground as I watched my feet take each step.

I picked up my speed and took a hold of my bag in my hands as I began running, just as I heard Luke’s front door close and my name being called out once more.


Dodging several bushes as I turned corners left and right, I found myself breathless. I collapsed by a nearby bush, throwing myself on the curb and sighing.


After five minutes, I headed back down the street, sauntering to a nearby park.

Sitting down on a park bench and throwing my bag beside me, I slumped in the seat as my eyes welled with tears protesting to escape. The sounds of children laughing, dogs barking and couples chatting as they walked past, crushed my heart. I sighed heavily and took a deep breath in, covering my eyes and hunching forward, telling myself I won’t let myself cry for the third time in an hour.


I failed.

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