I Won't Give Up *IN EDITING*

Falling for your best friend is always tough, but Emily always imagined it to be as perfect as relationships come. Holding hands, long walks on the beach, endless kissing. What she couldn't imagine was her relationship to contain fights, tears and heartbreak.

Will fate allow young Emily Downs to be in the perfect relationship she's always wanted, or take her down a dark twisted road full of cheating, hatred, lies and run aways.

Only time will tell for these two lovebirds.


12. Chapter XII

“I miss you.”

“I miss you too Calum.” I replied, closing the door to my bedroom.

“No like I miss you, I miss us together. We spent a good 2 years in each other’s lives I won’t forget that. And I haven’t.” He confessed, sitting down on my bed. I joined him.

“That was over a year ago, Calum.” I sighed, laying down on my bed and staring at the ceiling.

“Doesn’t mean I don’t think about it.”

“But I hurt you.” I muttered. “I want you to know I didn’t intend to hurt you the way I did. I thought we had discussed this already but if you’re still upset over this then-“

“I’m not angry about that.” He interrupted.

“Then what’s making you think of everything again?” I voiced.

“You want the truth?” He asked suddenly.


Of course I did!


“Yes.” I breathed.

“Seeing you with someone like Ashton really hit me hard. Those two years we spent together was the happiest time of my life. I felt complete, you were the missing piece of me I had been searching for. But I do admit we did break up over a year ago, and I was completely fine with it. I had moved on, and was happy we could just be friends again.” He confessed, pausing for a moment to let it sink into my head.


I nodded for him to continue.


“I guess I just miss us. Miss the feeling of having someone to hold, and kiss and have fun with. And I know you’re practically dating Ashton now and I understand that. He is my best friend and so are you I don’t want to come in between anything. But he holds you the way I used too. Kisses you the way I used too. And those.” He paused, pointing to my neck in which I instantly covered my hand over the bruised spots, forgetting about the hickeys Ashton had left only two nights ago.  

“I used to do them.” He continued. “It’s your sweet spot. I remember.”

“Why are you-“

“Saying this?” He said, reading my mind and finishing the sentence. “I don’t know.”


A blanket of silence covered us for minutes, none of us daring to speak our minds first.

“I love you.” I blurted, rolling over on my stomach and burying my face into my pillow.

Calum came and softly lay down beside me, his head rested on my spare pillow. “I love you too.” He whispered.


I’m not sure why I told him I loved him.

I mean it’s not a lie, I really do love him but I’m just not sure whether I wanted to go down that road again or not.

I mean I have Ashton now. And he is amazing.


I rolled my head and stared into Calum’s soft brown eyes as his eyes flickered from mine, to my lips.

Within seconds his lips were on mine once again, as he shifted his body on top of mine. He deepened the kiss as I lay underneath him, my fingers making their way from his hips to his shoulders.


I’ve missed his kisses.

Ashton’s kisses varied from soft kisses to hard, intense kisses. Whereas Calum’s were always soft, always the right speed. Always perfect.


His lips moved in sync with mine as the kiss became suddenly heated.


Suddenly, a throat was cleared by the door, which caused Calum to roll of me quickly as we both sat up slowly.


My eyes met a very hurt Ashton.


“Ashton I-“

“Save it.” He sternly replied, his chest rapidly rising up and down. His hair was still ruffled and his eyes still half closed, indicating he had only woken from his sleep a few moments ago.

“Look man it wasn’t what it looked like.” Calum explained, slowly climbing off the bed and heading towards the teen standing in the doorway, his hands up in defense.

“Really? Because it looked like you were sucking face with my girl.” Ashton yelled, staring blankly at Calum. They both intensely stared at each other, as I remained on the bed, frozen in shock.


I was his girl.

“Ashton look, it was just a mistake. It won’t happen again.” I mumbled, crawling to the end of my bed so I was closer to him.

“Forget it. At least I understand what that tweet means now.” He grunted, turning around and heading down the hallway and, a few seconds later, slamming the front door shut. I ran to my window and saw Ashton storm down the street and over the hill.


Why did I do this? Why do I always hurt the people I get the closest too?


“You need to leave, now.” I spoke, ushering Calum out of my room and downstairs.

“Sorry guys, mum called and said she’ll be home in ten minutes, and you remember what happened last time she saw you all here.” I began, and instantly the remaining two boys stood with Calum, and said their goodbyes.

Calum hung back and tried to talk, but I replied, “Not now Calum.” As I watched Luke and Michael walk down the street, the opposite way as to Ashton was headed.

“It won’t happen again.” He mumbled, the last words spoken before he disappeared off with the boys.



“What have I done?” I whispered, closing the front door and sliding down, bringing my knees up to my chest as I cried softly in my hands.


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