I Won't Give Up *IN EDITING*

Falling for your best friend is always tough, but Emily always imagined it to be as perfect as relationships come. Holding hands, long walks on the beach, endless kissing. What she couldn't imagine was her relationship to contain fights, tears and heartbreak.

Will fate allow young Emily Downs to be in the perfect relationship she's always wanted, or take her down a dark twisted road full of cheating, hatred, lies and run aways.

Only time will tell for these two lovebirds.


8. Chapter VIII

“Wait!” I shrieked, untangling my fingers from Ashton’s and ran back down the halls towards the stage.

“What’s wrong Emily?” Ashton yelled, but I just kept running. As I reached the side of the stage, I turned around and saw Ashton still standing there, I gave him a reassuring smile and he turned and jogged up to the other boys and began chatting.

I smiled once more before I headed on stage and saw the mass crowd of girls huddling around the exit, scrambling to get through.

“Maddie!” I screamed, completely oblivious as to whether she was still inside or not. Suddenly I see a head turn amongst the crowd and someone franticly running back towards the stage. “Maddie come join us!” I yelled, jumping down from the stage and stood in front of the barrier. When she reached the other side she gave me the biggest hug, and pulled away, holding me at arm’s length.

“I can’t but” She began, looking to her right to be faced with one of the security guards. I just smiled at him and he nodded, lifting Maddie up and over the barrier, as if he was lifting flowers into a garden.

He gently placed her down and we instantly ran, heading for the doors and squealing like little children.

Pushing through those double doors were always a struggle, but with the two of us we managed, and was soon back where I had been only moments ago.

“I think it’s this way.” I pointed, and followed my instincts and headed forward, Maddie skipping beside me.

“I can’t believe. Oh my God.” She was completely lost for words, and I couldn’t help but laugh. She nudged me in the side of the shoulder, causing me to lose my footing and fall straight into the wall.

“What’s going on, Em is that you?” Luke quizzed, peeking his head out of one of the doors before his eyes widened, his cheeks flushed as he became face to face with Maddie once again.

“Maddie, Hi-Hi” He stuttered, shaking his fingers through his rustled hair.

“Hey Luke.” She shyly spoke, swinging her body from side to side.

“Oh geez guys could you be any more awkward?!” I laughed, shaking my head and continuing down the hallway. “Are you coming?” I turned and watched as Luke and Maddie both shook their heads, looked at each other before slowly following me down the hall, into the dressing room.

“Luke, what were you doing in the stylist’s room by the way?” I quizzed, turning around and staring at Luke, whilst I continued to walk backwards. Luke stopped mid sentence with Maddie and stared directly at me, his eyes blinking, his face blushing.

“Well, I”

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