Nobody Compares

Alexandria knows that Harry loves her. Harry has ever girl but Alexandria wrapped around his finger and Alexandria finds that disgusting. Will Harry be able to convince her that it was all an act and that the only person he truly loves is her?


1. The Wizard of Oz

I watched in disgust as he walks from table to table. It disturbs me to my core to think that he has every girl in this school wrapped around his pinkie finger. 

He slides into the seat in front of me and I duck my head down, looking at the book in front of me. The Wizard of Oz, my favourite. 

"You know there's a movie, right?" Harry says and I scowl at him and roll my eyes. 

"Duh, I don't live under a rock. Some people actually prefer books over movies. That's possible you know. You should try reading one sometime!" I say snidely before closing the book, slipping it into my bag and sliding my bag over my shoulder. I began walking to the door when I heard the chair squeak and I groaned inwardly. 

I feel Harry's hand touch my elbow lightly and I jerk it away almost violently. He smirks, but continues walking beside me in silence. I cross my arms over my chest as I walk, trying to shake the fact that he's practically chasing me. 

I stop and turn on him. "What?" I demand. 

"Nothing. I just want to walk with you." He answered, looking shocked. I rolled my eyes. 

"Well I don't want to walk with you. So, do me a favour, and piss off!" I exclaim and turn away from him. 

Suddenly, my back is pressed against the brick wall and I can feel Harry's body pressed against mine. His eyes watch my movements for a minute, before he lifts my head from my shoes with his fingers, making me shiver. 

"I need you," he whispers hotly, pressing his lips against mine roughly, as if he'd waited for this moment for a long time. His hands hold my hips and I wrap my arms around his neck. 

"I knew you wanted me," I mumble against his lips. He takes a deep breath quickly, before closing the gap between our lips again. 

Eventually he pulls away, taking in quick breaths. He smiles at my stunned face. "All this time I've waited for you to notice me. Waited for you to look my way and give me attention. I've waited for a sign from you, anything that would show that you were as crazy about me as I am about you. I just couldn't wait anymore. I felt the need to hang around every other girl to get your attention, and it never worked. Nothing worked. But I love you and need you in my life, Alexandria," he says pressing his forehead against mine. He smiles, kissing my lips once more. 

"You could have just talked to me, you wimp." I said, giggling as I walked towards the door I'd been headed for in the first place, leaving a Harry stunned behind me. 

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