Nobody Compares

Alexandria knows that Harry loves her. Harry has ever girl but Alexandria wrapped around his finger and Alexandria finds that disgusting. Will Harry be able to convince her that it was all an act and that the only person he truly loves is her?


3. Serious Business.

"Look, I don't like him. Whatever you think the picture may say," I told my other friends at my house later that day. 

"But look at the picture!" Liam exclaimed. 

"Liam, I was there, I know what happened and I know that I walked away after calling him a wimp," I retorted. 

"See? I told you," Louis said. 

"It does look pretty convincing though..." Zayn said.

"Guys! I-Do-Not-Like-Harry," I said. "I still find him disgusting and would never like him." 

"This could go on forever, can I go raid your food?" 

"Go ahead Nialler, just don't eat it all and don't make a mess." I called after him. 

I leaned back and looked at my only girl best friend, "What do you have to say Lexi?" 

"Well," she looked up from her phone. "I think that you don't like him, and you did that to wind him up."

"See, she knows." They all rolled their eyes. "I'm not lying to you." 

"Sure," Louis said rolling his eyes. 

"Now, onto serious business," Lexi said looking up from her phone again. "Zayn. Liam. You like each other." 

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