Nobody Compares

Alexandria knows that Harry loves her. Harry has ever girl but Alexandria wrapped around his finger and Alexandria finds that disgusting. Will Harry be able to convince her that it was all an act and that the only person he truly loves is her?


2. Popular Bitch

"They kissed..." 

"They're totally together..." 

"It was so sexual!" 

These were the whispers that followed me as I walked through the corridors the next morning. It had spread beyond those that were there when Harry kissed me and I was proud to say they were all wrong. Well except for the sexual one... It was kind of sexual. 

I did not like Harry that way, and I never will. He's a disgusting guy that has disgusting habits. Sure he's attractive, but that's not all I look for in a guy. He needs to be kind, caring and only want me. Three things that Harry wasn't. And I'm sure could never be. 

I reached my locker and put in the combination and it swung open. I placed my bag on the hook and took my books out placing them on the shelf. I placed my jacket in there as well and was checking my schedule when my best friend walked up. 

"What the fuck is this?" He showed me a photo of me and Harry kissing yesterday that someone must have taken. 

"That is me," I say, pointing to myself, "and that seems to be a douchebag kissing me." I told him with a smirk. "Oh, don't get your pants in a twist Niall. He kissed me and we are not together." 

"Phew, I was worried for a second," he wiped imaginary sweat off his forehead. "You bag on him all the time, I couldn't imagine you actually being with him."

"Well, worry no more, my little Irish leprechaun. I still find him disgusting and have no intention of ever being with him. He has every girl wrapped around his finger and can get them to do anything he wants." Niall's eyes widened at something over my shoulder and I turned to look. 

At the other end of the corridor Harry was walking my way, hand-in-hand with a girl I hated, the most popular bitch in school, Kylie. 

As they passed I looked at Niall. "My point exactly." 

They kept walking but I knew they'd heard me because I didn't exactly make an effort to lower my voice. I may have even spoken a little loud.

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