Those Little Secrets

Sneaking out of the house, I look back at my old life. Not even sorry could fix this now. My name is Yasmin. I have no last name, you get too attatched to it. But when you have a secret like this, no one can know who you are. Afterall, we're all made up of Thos little secrets.


6. Not who he said he was

Blury vision. Drooping eyelids. Weak legs. Racing heart. Running, I was running. I trip over a crack in the path. I try to get back up but a dark shadow is already hovering over me.

"You have been chosen. This is your destiny, if you run from it, things will only get worse. Remember these words, as they will help you in the future. Do not trust thou who's name starts with E. Death and destruction comes with these people. Avoid them, trust me, Yasmin, for your task will be difficult, and you will need all the help you can get."

A gust of wind swept over my face as the mysterious figure vanished into the night...

I sit up in my bed faster than you could say racecar. Well, that was a weird dream. Wait what? I looked around and realised that I was infact in my bed. How did I get here? I look up as i hear a knock on the door.

"Hey are you awake yet?" Billy asks as he opens the door. "Oh good, you are. Just in time for beakfast aswell, might I add."

I get out of bed and follow him, too tired to even bother asking any question.

"So Yasmin, this is my friend," "The names Eric." He cuts in.

My head shot straight up as I looked at him. The dream. It couldn't be though, he was friends with Billy! I look at Billy and realise that he's giving Eric a warning stare, does he know?

"So yeah, I'm Eric. So tell me, how did you and Edward meet?"

"Um, his name is Billy, isn't it?"

I was so confused. What if the dream is right? I need to get out of here!

"No, my name actually is Edward, do you have a problem with that?"

"No I don't actually." I smiled at him. Ok if I wanted to get out of here I had to play it cool.

"So um, do you guys have a bathroom I can use?"

"Yeah," Eric replied. "Go down the hall and it's the first one on the left."

I nodded my head as thanks and went to the bathroom. Once I was in there i shut the door and locked it. Sliding down the door to the ground, I wondered how the hell I could get out of here. As I looked up I saw a small window above the toilet. If i could get that open, I could just squeeze out, if I try. I got up and stood on the toilet, trying not to make a sound as I edged the window open. Looking out I realised that the window was pretty high up, but if I reached out I could climb down the tree. I climbed out and went down the tree. Easy as pie. Speaking of which, I should have stayed for breakfast, I'm startving! Too late now. I ran out the front gate and continued down the street, but I knew this wouldn't be the last time I saw Erward and Eric.


Ok guys, I know this chapter seriously sucks, and I'm sorry. It's not very long, so I'm really sorry, and I hope you guys don't all hate me!

I still love you though! I'll try update soon!

Nimsay :)

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