Those Little Secrets

Sneaking out of the house, I look back at my old life. Not even sorry could fix this now. My name is Yasmin. I have no last name, you get too attatched to it. But when you have a secret like this, no one can know who you are. Afterall, we're all made up of Thos little secrets.


5. I'm sorry! And Co-Authors?

Ok I am seriously sorry guys! I haven't updated in nearly a month! I got grounded for two weeks so I couldn't use my ohone or laptop, and I know that's not a good enough excuse! So I promise I will update for yoou today! Actually I've already written a chapter for you guys! Although it's not very good. I have a really bad case of writers block at the moment, so if you guys have any ideas that would be great! I was actually thinking of getting a Co-Author? I'm not sure at this stage but I think it would be a good idea, because I think I need the help.

So thanks guys!

Nimsay x

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