Those Little Secrets

Sneaking out of the house, I look back at my old life. Not even sorry could fix this now. My name is Yasmin. I have no last name, you get too attatched to it. But when you have a secret like this, no one can know who you are. Afterall, we're all made up of Thos little secrets.


2. How it Started

Sitting down on a park bench, I look up towards the full moon. The light shines down on me and I feel the power radiating through my veins. You must be thinking, wow, this girl is crazy, but it's actually normal for me. You see I'm an immortal. No, not a vampire, no blood sucking involved. Luckily for me, I go queezy just at the sight of blood. Ok, maybe i should describe myself before I go into all the 'Immortal' details. My name is Yasmin. I have long, wavy brown hair that flows down my back. I have bright blue eyes and long lashes. I have no family. Well not anymore. You see, I just packed my bags and climbed out the window of that thing I'ms supposed to call 'Home'. No one cares about me there, so I left. And thats how i got here. Trying to describe my stuffed up life. Along with my life is the whole Immortal business I was trying to tell you about before. You see, I still don't quite know what an immortal is myself. Yeah that's sad. It all happened two years ago. *Flashback happens* Getting into the car with my sister, we were going shopping while dad was gone. He never let us do anything, so it was these few occasions that we enjoyed the most. I turned up the radio and we started singing together, laughing at how bad we were. We were going through an intersection when I looked over towards her and saw the truck coming towards us. I screamed as it smashed into the side of the car, and that's when I blacked out...

Opening my eyes, i feel groggy. I look around and try to speak, but all that comes out is a small squeak. Next thing i know a nurse is beside me, along with a doctor.

Doctor - Do you know your name?

Me - It's.. It's Yasmin

Doctor - Good, do you remember what happened?

Me - We were driving, and the truck. It ran a red light. But i don't understand. Where is my sister!

Doctor - I'm sorry, but she didn't make it. The impact hit her full on, she had no chance.

Starting to cry, i tried to get up, but they held me down, i screamed at them to let go, thrashing my arms and legs around, they put a needle in my arm, making me pass out.


'Yasmin. Yasmin! You don't know who i am, but i know you! Don't talk, just listen. You are not normal Yasmin, not anymore! You have powers unlike others. You are an immortal. The will power in your body was so focused on staying alive, your blood changed, and like many before you, you have become an immortal. But becareful, there are many dangerous things in this world normal humans don't know about!'

I blinked my eyes, and once again woke up in the hospital bed. That was a weird dream. I wonder what an immortal is? The doctor cam in to check up on me, and it turns out i had made an amazing recovery, a quite impossible one actually. I could leave the next day. As i drifted off back to sleep, i wondered if this was the immortal powers beginning to show...

*Flashback End*

And that's how it all started. That was the day i became an Immortal.

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