It All Started With A Hippogriff

What will happen when Harry goes to visit Draco in the hospital wing after his run in with Buckbeak? He only went there to ask him not to report Hagrid, but will Harry keep to his plan? Or will Harry leave that room thinking things he doesn't want to think?


3. The Vision

Harry's P.O.V

I hope I get there in time. Knowing my luck, I'll probably get there as Madame Pomfrey is locking up. Damn. That wouldn't be too bad though. I'm sure I could find out tomorrow if Draco's ok. Wait. No. I'm here to ask him to not complain about Hagrid. I don't care if he's ok or not. I don't. I really don't or do I. What are you doing Harry. Breathe. It's going to be fine. You'll ask him to not say anything about Hagrid and- OW my scar. I can feel it happening. I hate being in Voldermort's head it's so painful and.. It's going to happen now. I best sit down so I don;t fall ove-


I was in a hall. A long, apparently endless, hall. The walls, the floor, the ceiling - anything you could set eyes on was a pearly white. I started walking, hoping to find an end when, "Haarrrrryyyyyyyyyy. Haaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy" I heard a recognisable voice say. But it wasn't Voldermort. Who was it? "Help me, Harry." Whoever it was was whispering pleadingly. I started running. I didn't know whose voice it was. But I knew I cared for them and loved them. Maybe Ron? Hermione? Neville maybe? I had to find out. I ran for what felt like ever, and whilst I ran, they pleaded more. I didn't stop until I reached two doors. It was obvious only one would lead to this person I so desperately needed to find. I took a chance. It was the right chance. I found another white room with a boy in. He was about 15. My age. I couldn't see his face. It was just a blur to me. But I could see the rest of him. He was lying on a huge bed. But he looked as if he was in pain.

"Harry! It's you! You came to save me!" This voice was getting so much more familiar to me. But I still didn't know whose it was. "Please help me!"

"Um. Ok." I stammered. "What do I need to do? How do I help you?" He looked perfectly fine to me. 

"Lie with me." He replied. Lie with him? I thought. A bit weird for one of Voldermort's visions..

"Lie with you?" 

"Yes. Please." He sounded distressed so I did. "I haven't spoken to you properly - just the two of us - in a long time, Harry." Well it's not Ron or Hermione. "I've missed it. I've missed you. I wish we could jsut get over ourselves and be friends. Neither of us have done anything wrong. There's just this unconventional haterid between us. It doesn't need to be there, does it?"

"I'm sure I'd agree with you" I replied. "But I don't know who you are."

"You don't recognise me?" He sounded really hurt. "How can you not? We see eachother everyday! HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW ME!?" And he burst into tears.

"No! No!! It's not that!! I can't see your face! It's being blurred out by something! I don't know what! I'm sorry!" With this, he stopped crying and put his head on my chest. 

"Thank you for everything, Harry. You don't know how much I appreciate you. Thank you."


And we lay there until I was awoken by a door slamming. And I looked up to find I was lying in a bed in the hospital wing. How did I get here!?

*Author note*

Heya guys!! Sorry I haven't updated in 2 weeks. I have another movella to update too and it's really difficult to update both AND do school work - but, talking about my other movella.. Do any of you guys also happen to be Directioners? Because I've been writing a One Direction Movella for a while now and it's called 4 Best Friends and a Lover. So go check that out if you want.. *Cyber Cake to anyone who does >.<* 

I finish school next Tuesday. But then I'm going on holiday for 2 weeks the day after so I won't be able to update then, but I didn't think I'd update today so you MIGHT get another chapter at the weekend :) But if not, you know why I cant update.. Thank you for being amazing and reading this. I love you all <33


Four Best Friends and a Lover -------> 

It is by me, I just changed my name on Movellas from LucindaaHoran to DA-in-our-hearts


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