She's Not Afraid

Meet Katelyn Burns. She moves around every six months. Her mum and dad are dead and she is the only one left out of her entire family. When she starts to go to Peterson College she meets Zayn Malik. Zayn is the one who shows her around the school on her first day. Read to find out why she moves and what happens between her and Zayn.


7. Unpack and Sunday Dinner

Katelyn's POV

Zayn is just bringing the final thing from the moving van, everything in there is from my house, into Zayn's new apartment. Zayn's apartment is gorgeous but I won't be living here for another month. Zayn and me are living with Zayn's family until the 13th January, day after Zayn's birthday, then me and Zayn will live here together. There was a knock at the door and since I knew it was Zayn I opened the door and Louis rushed to help him carry the big box. As soon as the lads, minus Harry, and Zayn's family had helped unpacked Zayn grabbed hold of my hand.


"Are you ok, Kate?"

"Yeah. I'm really excited."

"You have just zoned out."

"I was thinking about this."



Then everyone except me and Zayn left.


"I can't believe I'll be living here soon with my best friend!" I said excitedly

"I know! I'm really excited!"


Zayn's POV

As me and Louis carried the big box in I caught Katelyn's beautiful eyes and she blushed and looked away. What? That was about an hour ago so let's get back to real time. I'm really excited to live here with Kate in a month!


"It'll be lunch time at your house soon so we'd be better head back, Zayn."



She grabbed my hand and then we walked back. Is it just me who has noticed how often we hold hands? Since it was Sunday we'd be having Sunday lunch and nobody wants to miss that. We sat down at the table next to each other then Kate got back up and went to help mum in the kitchen.


"Zayn?" Waliyha asked

"Yeah?" I replied

"Do you like Kate?" Safaa asked

"Why?" I replied

"You just seem to stare at her all the time" Safaa said

"and you hold hands a lot too." Doniya added

"I do like Kate a lot but don't tell her." I whispered to my sisters

"No problem." They all said simulataneously

"Kate is a keeper. Never let her go." Safaa said

"I won't but she's my best friend not my girlfriend." I said

"She might be your girlfriend soon." Doniya said

"I think she likes you a lot too, Zayn." Waliyha said


I smiled


"I hope so."


Then Kate came back and sat next to me. We had a lovely Sunday lunch and me and Kate just hung out all day. It was....Perfect.

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