She's Not Afraid

Meet Katelyn Burns. She moves around every six months. Her mum and dad are dead and she is the only one left out of her entire family. When she starts to go to Peterson College she meets Zayn Malik. Zayn is the one who shows her around the school on her first day. Read to find out why she moves and what happens between her and Zayn.


3. Party Invite

Zayn's POV

I woke up that next morning with a smile on my face for some unknown reason. My phone buzzed about 10 seconds later. I looked at it and it was a text from Harry. I unlocked my phone and read it.


<From Harry To Zayn>

Hey maaaaaate. Party tonight. My house. Coming?


<From Zayn To Harry>

Sure. Time? Can Katelyn come?


<From Harry to Zayn>

7:30 onwards and yes


<From Zayn To Harry>

Thanks. See you then.


As soon as that had sent Kate woke up.


"Good morning" I said.

"Morning. Who you texting?" she asked

"Oh just Harry about a party at his, wanna go?"

"Yeah, sounds fun. Drop me at my house so I can pick my party outfit up?"

"Sure. Get dressed then we can go."


She literally hopped out of bed then I turned around so I couldn't see her get changed. As soon as she was dressed we hopped on a bus and set off to her house. As soon as we got to her house she realised that she had nothing to wear so we went, in her car, to the shopping mall. She quickly chose an outfit. She didn't let me see it. After that we went back to my house and just hung there all day.



"Are you ready, Kate?" I shout up the stairs

"One second" Kate replies


I glanced at my watch then up the stairs. Kate is stood at the top of the stairs in a gorgeous outfit. She looks breathtaking. What is this feeling that I have inside as I look at her?

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