She's Not Afraid

Meet Katelyn Burns. She moves around every six months. Her mum and dad are dead and she is the only one left out of her entire family. When she starts to go to Peterson College she meets Zayn Malik. Zayn is the one who shows her around the school on her first day. Read to find out why she moves and what happens between her and Zayn.


8. Moving On

Zayn's POV

It is my birthday today and it's really nice especially since we had an extra guest. Kate told me she had a present for me but she says it is at our new apartment. She drove me there while I was blindfolded and I was very scared. She sat me down on the settee while I still had the blindfold on and placed something in my hands. It was a small box. When she told me to take off the blindfold and  I did she told me to open the little box and inside were two things a guitar pick and half a yin and yang necklace.


"These are lovely. Thank you."

"You haven't seen it all yet. Pick up the guitar pick."


I did and stared at it. On it it said "#Zaynlyn" which is our ship name. I smiled and before I could stand up she ran out of the room and came back with a thin parcel.


"This is your other present."

"Thank you Kate"

"I hope you like it."


That's when she passed it to me and I opened it. Inside was a paintbrush with my name engraved into it.


"I know how much you love painting so here you go."

"Where's the other half of the yin and yang necklace?"

"I have it."


She showed me the side she was keeping.


"I noticed your tattoo and I thought this would be nice."

"You have treated me too much."

I wondered if she likes me like I like her.




Me and Kate have just moved into our new flat. When everyone had left Kate told me she needed to talk to me. We both sat down on the settee and I looked straight into her eyes as she spoke.


"After what I am about to say you might not want to live with me anymore."



I started saying things like I would never not want to live with you while she kept trying to interrupt me by saying my name.




That's when I shut up.


"What's wrong?"

"I am..."


She mumbled something that I couldn't hear.


"What did you say?"



"I am in love with you...."


She is in love...with me?



"Yes I am. I am going before you can take the mick out of me for this."


She walked towards the door as I followed her. She left the flat and started walking down the street eventhough it was raining. I ran after her and caught up with her as she reached where she was after the dance.


"Kate, listen to me please."

"What Zayn? I have just made a mess of our friendship by telling you."


She looked at me innocently and I had to tell her.


"Kate, I am in love with you too."

"You are?"

"I am."

"You're not."

"Want me to prove it?"

"Go ahead."


As those words left her lips I kissed her. Our lips moved in sync as sparks flew everywhere. The rain got heavier as we kept kissing. We both pulled away to catch our breath.


"Zayn, we'd better go back. Your hair is getting ruined and it's raining."

"I don't care."


I kissed her again then I took my leather jacket and put it over our heads as we headed back to the flat.

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