If we Could only start again .

Every touch ,
Every Kiss,
Every Breath ,
Every Moment of every day was like magic..
How was everything so perfect ?
What went so wrong for us?
Will we ever be like we used to...


2. The New House.

Harrys P.O.V


I walked into what seamed like a mansion.

Brooke did well hey niall?

I looked at my leprechaun there staring at the games room like it was heaven.  

"wow hazza , this is mint" Niall got up and ran off.

I walked outside and started to get my stuff lucky the house was already furnished so i just had to put my stuff away.

**2 hours later**


niall come running like a small puppy it looked adorable and i couldn't help laughing.

"Quit laughing" niall moaned 

sorry , I need to go buy some food for tonight brooke is coming over!!

Shit . I had totally forgot since i had been packing , i grabbed niall and my car keys and we drove to the store .

After an hour of shopping and a ton of food niall had put in we went to the check out to pay .

It comes to a total of £394.93

woah niall how much food did you put in a laughed .

"Just the basics for a week"

I laughed .

We walked outside the store to some more crazy fans,

Shit Niall not again.

Niall grabbed the bags and flung them into my car and we drove away.


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