If we Could only start again .

Every touch ,
Every Kiss,
Every Breath ,
Every Moment of every day was like magic..
How was everything so perfect ?
What went so wrong for us?
Will we ever be like we used to...


1. The Moment it all started..

Harrys P.O.V



"I couldn't help it!!" Katy was screaming.

She ran to her room and slammed the door and started screaming again.


I was disgusted , i grabbed my keys and phone and walked out the house.

I drove to Nialls with the music on loud trying to forget everything.

Trying to forget us , trying to forget all we had been through.

I Was tired of this and why did she keep doing this to me.

Was i doing something wrong?

Everything i could possibly ever think about was going around my head in circles, but this time i knew some how we couldn't fix it .

Its over.

I never want to see her again.


Katys P.O.V


I walked out the door ready to say sorry and try to explain.

Where did he go!?

Has he left me ?

I ran around the house screaming 



he has gone...

I knew i had gone to far this time and there was nothing i could do to change it...

No matter what i said or did, harry would always hate me.

Why did i have to get involved with Danny again.


Nialls P.O.V


I opened the door to see harry standing there , he looked sad .


"fine thanks.." he mumbled and walked in and lay on the sofa.

SO everything okay ? i tried to talk to harry but he never seamed to care he was in his own world.

I soon realized it was 2 am it was getting late and i had big plans for tomorrow.

Eventually I said goodnight to harry and walked off to my room to sleep.

I took my pants of and my t-shirt and lay there in my boxers , it was hot , even though it was winter.

I closed my eyes thinking about tomorrow , i wondered what had happened to harry.

Eventually i fell asleep .

**9 hours later***

I woke up to loud banging on the door.

I crawled out of bed and some how dragged myself to the door.

I opened the door and there was Katy.

"WHERE IS HARRY?" she screamed .

I erm don't know i said half asleep , its 11am you woke me up please come back later .

She walked into the house like she owned it and walked over to the sofa and found harry.

"HARRY WAKE UP WERE GOING HOME." she yelled in his ear.

"IM staying here , ill be home to pick up my stuff later " harry walked out the house.

I sat down on the sofa with Katy.

Why dont he love me anymore niall.. 

Am i ugly?

Whats wrong with me?

I held her in my arms why she cried , 20mins later she got up and walked to the door.

Thanks ni...

and she walked out the door.

Did they break up?


Harrys P.O.V


I had nothing to do and since i guessed Katy would stay at Nialls for a bit i walked to costa coffee

I walked in and ordered my drink , after what seamed like an everlasting Que i looked for a seat there was only one left next to this girl , she was beautiful i walked over to the table and she looked up. 

Wow. Her eyes...

May I sit here?

She nodded and i sat down.

I saw my fans making face expressions , they where taking photos .

I Laughed and the girl looked up again .

Who are all them people.. ?

There my fans , im harry styles from one direction?

OHHH.. thats were your from ! Hi Im Brooke .

Nice to meet you. 

She looked into my eyes she was Beautiful.

I coughed to get her attention again .

Ermm I know this is a tiny , well alot. 

VERY sudden but would you go on a date with me?

Hahah she started laughing , okay mr styles .

Great ! i gave her my number on a piece of paper.

Well i gotta go ill text you?

Sure she smiled .

 .I walked out the shop to see all my fans 

"ARE YOU DATING " They screamed.

no we just had a convo why drinking coffee there was no other seats :)

I sighed a few autographs and walked over to my car .

I got in and drove to me and katys place.

I made sure i was fast.

I walked into my house and boxed up everything that belonged to me.

Leaving not much left.

I packed it all into the car and drove off to Nialls.

I knocked on his door there to see my favorite person in all the world .


hi harry he walked over for a hug.

Niall i need your help , i need to buy a new house.

sure i guess... niall looked confused

**2 hours later**

after a long drive  plus a tone of trafic to the estate agents me and niall got out of the car and walked inside there to see Brooke.


hi harry she smiled 

why are you here ? 

I need a house i told her , do you work here?

Yes she smiled , take a seat ill help you .

So what are you looking for?

Well.. a house my fans cant get to gates?

The normal .. Kitchen Need at least 7 Bedrooms .

Games room , swimming pool, big garden . room for animals .

She burst out laughing .

I didn't think you was an animal type harry .

I blushed , she was perfect .

**3 hours later**

After looking at so many houses we finally found the right one!

I payed for the house and looked at brooke . 

How about that date tonight at 7?

My place .

She laughed . Sure!

See you at 7 harry and she walked off.






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