A One Direction Love Story <3

It was a life she only dreamed about, a love she never thought could happen, and a tragedy she never knew existed. Maya Walker is the prime example of a plain and anti-social fifteen year old girl. When an unexpected trip to see her favourite band, One Direction approaches her, Maya's ordinary life is suddenly turned upside-down when her parents get into an accident. Suddenly Maya is staying in the UK with five not-so-normal teenage boys. What could possibly happen?


3. Our Parting

Yo peeps, So I wanted to get some JUICY action going, Hope you enjoy, I promise the next chapter is gonna be PHEN-NOM-A-NIALL

~From... Guess who

Maya's P.O.V.

I set down my final issue of Seventeen. I had read almost five issues, and only two hours had past. For most of the time, Niall was listing to his iPod and casually glancing at me to see what I was doing. But as for Harry, he seemed to be intrigued by the magazines and was constantly asking me questions.

"Do girls really care about boob size?" He said pointing to the article that was titled: The Right Size For you!

I bit my lip trying to control my utter outburst of laughter but I couldn't do it. I erupted in a bowl of giggles, attracting the attention of people sitting across us, and behind, aswell as Louis, liam and Zayn, who all gave me rather odd looks.

"Sorry." I said covering my face with my sleeve. I mumbled the rest, since I clearly was not going to show my red face. "Some girls do, But personally I think its dumb, I mean, if you have triple 'D's you got what you got."

This time Niall was the one who laughed. Glancing over, I could tell he was trying to keep it in. His face turning bright red and he kept on tapping his foot, clutching his stomach and peeking out the window once in a while.

"Sorry, that was just a funny comment." Niall said uncovering his mouth, sighing as he had finally calmed himself.

"You think everyone is funny you moron." Zayn remarked from the other side of the aisle. Fighting back the urge to run over and smack him, Niall huffed and ended up throwing a hat over his eyes, grumbling profanities.


Everyone was settled now, and I myself was feeling a bit exhausted. I glanced at the time that was shown on my iPod. Seven o'clock. I still wasn't used to the whole time-zone think, and I hadn't had very much sleep the past couple of nights due to all my excitement. We still had three hours left until we landed. I flipped through the songs, not even glancing to see which one I would land on.

The song started of slow and sweet, the lyrics came flooding in the sounds of angels filling my ears. I glanced down, the song title read; "Moments" By One Direction.

It was one of my favourite songs, I always loved the harmony that the boys sang, their voices combing together was something like no other. But the thing was, every time I heard it. I cried. It was the cliché and whenever I did cry in front if my friends they would laugh and roll their eyes.

"Shut the door, turn the light off

I wanna be with you

I wanna feel your love

I wanna lay beside you

I cannot hid this even though I try"


I closed my eyes, allowing my head rest against the back of the seat. I tried my best to hide my device so that the boys wouldn't see the song, but they wouldn't probably wouldn't notice considering they were to busy doing other things. So I just let the melody sing me to sleep.

"Heart beats harder

Time escapes me

Trembling hands tough skin

It make this hard girl

And the tears stream down my face"

Niall's P.O.V.

I cracked my knuckles and did my best to find a comfortably position, which was hard in these rather hard seats. The thing was, this plane trip was a last minute decision by our manager. We were originally going to fly tomorrow, but no. So instead of getting First Class seating, we were stuck with middle class, which was okay... I guess.

It was late, and I was desperately wish to get off the plane and go to sleep. I stared tiredly out the window, it was nice to be going back to the UK after our fun little trip to Germany. We would be staying at Louis's house, which I wasn't thrilled about. I began to flipping through songs on my iPod, when I feel something land against my shoulder. 

I glanced over. Maya was slouched against me, fast asleep.

I gave a confused look and rolled my eyes. I would feel bad about pushing her off, I hoped this wasn't on purpose, but by the way she looked like she was out cold. "Psst, Harry look at this." I whispered pointing to Maya.

His eyes moved slowly to where I was pointing. "She finally asleep Huh?" Harry asked surprised, but then I heard him chuckle a bit, as Maya mouth was hanging wide open. I myself had to hold back a laugh. "Well I don't blame her, It's getting late you know."

I stared at her. Her dark brown messy hair was tickling my neck, it was rather smooth and shiny though, though not at all what it looked like. Her eyelashes was dark and curled upward, they was so long it was a little breathtaking. I squinted my eyes a little closer and noticed something shocking.

"Harry, I think she's crying" I said nervously. I didn't know if she was having a bad dream or not, I wondered if I should do something. "Should I wake her up or-"

"No wait, look here." He said, picking up her i[ad and showing me the song playing. "She's listening to Moments."

I gave him a hard look, why would she be crying over our song? I looked at her once more, it wasn't like a river of tears pouring out of her eyes, but there were the bits of droplets that stayed o her cheek while the others ran down her jawline.

"Lets just leave it and let her sleep." I said, leaning back in my seat.

The thought of a stranger to me like her have such a big impact on me by simply crying over our song was out of the ordinary for my taste. I know fans that cry over our songs, but something was strange when Maya did it. I returned to what I was doing and let her rest there, I bet she was exhausted, and besides, I really didn't mind at all.

Maya's P.O.V.

I slowly opened my eyes and yawned a bit, letting my body and eyes adjust to my settings. After my face slammed into something hard, I hesitated for a moment. Looking up, I realized that I was leaning up against Niall. When I finally realized the situation I was in, I shot up instantly.

"Morning beautiful." Harry and Niall said together, I could hear the sarcasm in their voices.

"Sorry about that, I hope I didn't bother you Niall." I said embarrassed. Harry rolled his eyes, and chuckled, while Niall on the other had stared at me bluntly.

"You snored, it was quite distracting." His face was serious, and at that point I wanted to crawl into a small hole and die.

I turned my head side to side before leaning closer. "Are you fucking kidding me?" I whispered, covering my face.

"Joking!" He laughed pointing to me. "Gotcha"

I wanted to punch the boy at this point. One should not joke around with teenage girls feelings, because they will indeed take stuff seriously. Groaning as I rolled my eyes I sauntered down in my seat and sighed a big relief. "Hey do you know what the time it is?" I directed my gaze towards Harry.

"Nine o'clock. The flight attendant said we would be landing early." He said, not even looking at me.

"That's good, I'm sick of having to eat peanuts for five hours. I'm ready for some real food." I said with a hint of laughter.

"You and Niall both." He chuckled.

To be honest, I didn't want to get off. I had waisted two hours of my life with the boys sleeping. How could I possibly do this? How could I possibly allow myself to sleep? I was smacking and punching myself on the inside. This was Karma for arguing with my sister I'm sure.

I flipped off my iPod and set my bag on my lap. I pulled out my notebook and tore off a piece of paper. I began searching frantically for a pen, I had an idea, I mean, it was a risk taker, but I just had this stroke of luck of something inside of me that was saying 'Go for it'

"Need a pen mam'?" Niall asked hand me one.

"Oh yes, thank you." I smiled, taking it and began writing.

"What are you doing?"

I turned slightly, realizing how close Harry was to me. His voice was husky, and I could feel the breath from his nostrils flaring above my earlobe. I shuddered a bit. "Listen, I know you don't do this for your fans at all, but I don't know if you consider us as friends or-"

He cut me off with a grin. "We're friends, we read Seventeen Magazines together remember?" Sarcasm pursing from his lips.

I chuckled a bit. "Right, well if we are considered friends, would you consider giving your friend your number?" I said mumbling. Like I said, it was a huge risk, and I probably knew he was going to say no.

He stared at me. His beautiful eyes glowed, I felt them creep along my face as if deciding if he should or not. About a minute later he grabbed my pen and began to write. "Here you go." He said handing me the pen. There, written in some of the neatest handwriting I had ever seen, was Harry Styles number. "But you must promise, to never, give it away."

I nodded, holding up my pinkie finger. "I promise." And he wrapped his around mine.


We finally landed. Of course I was one of the last few off, besides the boys, who were busy getting all their stuff they had brought, and their bags. I quickly spotted my family and ran over to them as soon as I came out. I smiled the whole way over.

"Oh la la, look who's back!" Abby said throwing herself at me, making kissing noises and other disturbing sounds I will not repeat.

"How was your nap?" Olivia said eyeing me.

I popped her one the head lightly. "Shut up. And lovely thanks for asking." I remarked.

My attention was somewhere else though. The boys had just gotten off the plane. I watched them as they slowly made there way in the opposite direction as me. But not before the turned back to me and waved. I waved back to them as-well. I noticed Harry and Niall smiling a big cheesy smile, before turning their back to me.

"Maya snap out of it, the rental car is here. Now lets go." My mother said shaking my shoulder, and dragging me in the opposite direction and One Direction.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

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