Trouble at Saltpepper Lane

Harriet is just an 10 year old who lives on Saltpepper Lane. She is so ordinary she fits in like a green chameleon in A green room. So she is very ordinary. One day, a new neighbour comes to Saltpepper Lane. Dr. Evilvillain is his name, being evil is his game. Everything is going okay with only the occasional evil laugh and explosion. But then something bad happens. Do you know how bad. REALLY REALLY bad. Read on to find out what goes wrong. NOW. Thank you


1. Saltpepper Lane

Saltpepper Lane is the happiest place on the planet. It's always summer, and the trees are made of candyfloss, and the ponds are filled with lemonade not water. Rabbit's hop, frogs jump and the birds song is so sweet that they throw up toffee. The clouds have happy faces and the only rain when it is necessary, and the sun is like the sun off the tellytubbies. The houses are clean and bright, and the boilers never leak. At the end of this marvellous street is a pink house. This is Harriet's house- the nicest, pinkest house in the whole of Saltpepper Lane. This house is called Bertha, and Bertha could talk. Actually no, she couldn't, but if she could, that would be amazing. Anyway, Harriet lived there with her two little brothers called Jake 1 and Jake 2, and her mother. and father.  Her mother was called Mrs. Daniels. Mrs. Daniels was actually her first name, and her surname was Smithe. Let's just call her Harriet's mother. Harriet's father was a garden  designer, so the Smithes had an amazing garden. Here's how amazing it was:

Think of a number between 1 and 10.

Now, add 10.

Now, subtract the number you started with.

Times that number by 5.

Times that by 10.

Now forget all of that and picture an amazing garden.

That's how amazing it was. There were loads of pretty flowers, like roses, and daffodils, and those tiny blue ones... what are they called? You know, the ones that are light blue with yellow centres? I forget. Anyway, there were also rabbits jumping around on the lawn, and no moles. In the middle of the garden was a huge apple tree, which grew bright red, shiny apples, that were crisp and sweet and exploded your mouth with an attack of flavour.  Yes, Saltpepper Lane was a happy place indeed.

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