Trouble at Saltpepper Lane

Harriet is just an 10 year old who lives on Saltpepper Lane. She is so ordinary she fits in like a green chameleon in A green room. So she is very ordinary. One day, a new neighbour comes to Saltpepper Lane. Dr. Evilvillain is his name, being evil is his game. Everything is going okay with only the occasional evil laugh and explosion. But then something bad happens. Do you know how bad. REALLY REALLY bad. Read on to find out what goes wrong. NOW. Thank you


2. A new neighbour

On a sunny, sunny day in September, a big removal van drove up Saltpepper Lane. Harriet and her friend Sunny watched it from there favourite play spot by a rainbow drop bush as it crashed into a tree and then carried on driving down the road. It stopped just by Bertha, Harriet's house. A man in a white lab coat stepped out and looked at the house. Then, he started ordering the removal men around. Sunny and Harriet watched from behind the bush as the man's furniture entered the house. Several items were slightly worrying, like a machine that had a lethal looking blade. Eventually this got boring so the girls left to find Jake 1 and Jake 2.

They found them in a field having a tea-party with field mice. "We have a new neighbour." Said Harriet to the boys.

"Cool!" said Jake 1.

"Do they have kids?" asked Jake 2.

"If he does, I'm worried about those kids. I think he might be a scientist, or a doctor." said Sunny.

"I know, let's go and bring him a welcome present!" exclaimed Jake 1. "Then, he might let us see some of his science stuff! I'm such a nerd!" For it was true. Jake 1 was a nerd. Jake 2 however was just crazy.

So off they went, and they arrived at the new neighbour's house.

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