love me (niall horan fanfic)


1. meeting 1D

Alicia is a normal 18 year old girl who has blonde and brown hair and blue,green and grey eye's and has a chance to meet one direction.                                                                                                     Alicia's POV:                                                                                             Today is the day I get to meet one direction backstage with my best friend charis it's going to be so good I'm so glad I get to meet then I love Niall Horan                                                                                       Charis is going to be here in 30min I should get ready                    I go up to my room to take a shower (20min after) I get out the I go to my clorset I pick out a top 1D on it some black pants and some white hi top                                                                                   I'm now ready to go and meet 1D!Charis is here now in her white mini       

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