You told me you loved me, then forgot me

Niall invites her friend, Chloe, from Ireland to England to meet the band but does he say something the just leaves find out reading this book!!!!!


2. party

Harry's P.O.V

I had the house to myself I could do what ever I want so I watched TV, Then I had an idea I would have a PARTAY! I invited heaps and heaps of people, friends of friends, family friends, old girlfriends, even Ed Sherran. Ed helped me set up we got popcorn, chips' n ' dip and heaps and heaps of lollies and beer of course. once everyone got here I put on the music,  the music was us (One Direction) and it was very loud it was like a night club in here. after a while everyone was drunk, I looked down and I wasn't wearing a top Ed was giving me a piggy back ride WEIRD!


Niall's P.O.V

We were at Nando's for ages because I wouldn't stop eating but then Chloe finally convinced me to leave. When we came back Harry had thrown a party and the house was trashed, and everyone was drunk and Harry had no top on  piggy backing Ed Sheeran "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE HARRY?!?!" Louis yelled at Harry "Hehehe just don't worry pumpkin" Harry said in a drunk voice "EVERYONE OUT NOW!!!!" Louis yelled again well it is half his house when Simon isn't around "No no stay everyone Boo Bear is just falling around." Harry said collapsing in Chloe's arms "Uh Harry that's not Louis." I tried to say to Harry "I know but this chic his hot!" Harry said while being dropped by Chloe "Okay can everyone leave now and Harry put on a top!" Louis tried to tell everyone. everyone was eventually gone by an hour.

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