You told me you loved me, then forgot me

Niall invites her friend, Chloe, from Ireland to England to meet the band but does he say something the just leaves find out reading this book!!!!!


1. Meeting Niall's Irish Best friend

Niall's P.O.V

My best friend was coming from Ireland to meet me and my band and I couldn't wait, I hadn't seen her like.....FOREVER and the boys have NEVER met her so I couldn't wait for her to see the chaos round here. When I'm excited I FART the boys say that it is strange but I think it is natural, anyways I was farting A LOT and man they stunk , even to me! It was about an hour until Chloe would get here what if I fart when she gets here, now that would be embarrassing but oh well. there was a knock at the door "AHHHH um be there in a sec." I said nervously, I opened the door it was...... THE POSTMAN, WAIT! whattttt! "Hi chlo-o-o-o choooo." I tried faking a sneeze but I don't think that worked he looked at me with a strange look, embarrassing, "letter for Harry styles." I took the letter and it wasn't just one letter I was dozens "HARRY I HAVE SOME FANMAIL FOR YOU!" I yelled at to Harry and he ran to the door straight away "Yay fan mail, Niall look." he pointed to the car with a girl in it , it was CHLOE OMG, OMG,  OMG I ran out the door tripping over the postman's fat foot grazing my face OW!


Chloe's P.O.V

My best friend Niall invited me to stay with him and his band ONE DIRECTION for a while I would've thought he forgot me since he's famous and all but he didn't. I got to Niall's house and I saw Niall and Harry talking to a postman, Harry didn't have a top on hehe and then he pointed to the taxi I was in and Niall looked so excited when he saw me, he ran out the door and tripped over the postman's shoe he got be up and his left cheek was bright red it had been grazed and it was bleeding a little. "Heyy Bestie." I said to Niall he smiled and I smiled back "Is you cheek okay? it's bright red." I asked and he nodded "Okay let's go inside I will show you round the place." he asked me "Yep!" I said in a cheery voice, we both walked in me behind him and their house was MASSIVE house, he showed me the kitchen, the 4 bathrooms,, the sound room, the games room (That was massive), the movie room, where they keep the pool and spa, the balcony with an amazing view, he showed me his room he had pictures of us together and Irish stuff his walls were dark green, he had a messy super king sized bed, clothes literally EVERYWHERE!, He showed me Louis room that toy carrots in it I'm guessing from his fans and he had dark red walls but they were all different shades of red he has different types of contact lenses (purple, red, green, blue, brown, white) and he had his glasses next to them, next he showed me Zayn's room, he had blue wallpaper HEAPS of posters of cars and drawings he had made I know that cause he had his signature at the bottom left of it and they were really good he had drawings of one direction together, doodles, HIM, mirrors, Justin Timberlake and his hair but mainly mirrors, he even had a collection of different types of mirrors in the see through cabinet. Next was Harry's room and surprisingly is was spotlessly clean, in his wardrobe he had all different types of costumes, Scooby doo, a leprechaun and dozens of onesies, he had just normal old olive wallpaper but covered in pictures of him with his girlfriends there was Taylor Swift and Rita Ora and pictures of him at school with his friends, he had dozens and dozens of slippers as well. Lastly it was Liam's room he had purple wallpaper and pictures of him and Danielle and him cut out in a love heart how sweet apart from that it was pretty much plain, well there was a poster of 1D. After Niall showed me there rooms he showed me mine it was pink he said that they had painted it today and it had a double bed with one direction covers and posters of them as we and posters of ADVENTURE TIME! After that he was hungry VERY hungry "I'm hungry let's go to a restaurant hmmmmm NANDO'S!" He pleaded we walked back downstairs and Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn were all singing what makes you beautiful me and Niall just laughed "Why are you guys singing?" Niall asked "To make you friend welcome here!" Louis replied with a smirk on his face and I giggled a little "Oh okay well we are going to Nando's wanna come?" Niall asked the others they all nodded except Harry "Nah I will stay here not hungry." he said Niall nodded "oh that's okay but can we go now i'm very hungry." We all nodded and left



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