Time and Time ageen

Draco Malfoy Has never seen this Black haird girl with perfect Snake eyes of yellow let alone new she was in his house but will her father defend her or will it become great....See As Miss HollyRose Riddle daughter of one and only Voldamort but no one knows that or will it skip out finaly.....Coment plz and tell me how it is


5. Time Never stopes unless you make it (Draco Malfoy)

The week next we had a meeting we got up to the fire place and we werent alone "were you two going" Pansy asked looking at my tux and my girlfrindes dress the same one she wore to the dance"get out of here PANSY" Holly hissed "no" then Holly was on her wand in her neck "ArotoForgetness" she wisperd and pansy went blanck "Hey waht you two dressed up for" she asked me and HollyRose "nothing Pansy were going on a date thats all" she nodded and yownd "i must go you two have fun" she left and smiled at Holly" I am the only child of the Dark Lord" she smiled and I kissed her after saying Riddal Mannor we pulled away a we hit the Fire place she ran out and i could hear the lord "PoisonRose" he cooed her name and her cheek was in her hand "I love you " he wisperd to her i freezd the words never came out of his mouth and BellTrix heard to she screamed and whent to attack HollyRose "I WILL KILL YOU FOR TUCHING MY LORD MY LOVE" she yelled but befor she could move a step Hollys wand was out and pointed at her "daddy plz leave me to do this one on my own" he smiled and moved away from her "Esplioums" Holly shouted and Belltrix's wand was out of her hand but she got it agen befor the secont cures was thrown "HELBROUNDO" Holly yelled I Gasped as Belltrix fell to the floor yelling howlling in pain "Thats right you filith i knew youv been trying to get cozy with my daddy but remmber" she fliked her wand and she was in belltrixs face "Im his only child i have his powers andf his good looks" she smiled "YOU ARE A FILITHY ALMOST HAS BAD AS A MUD-BLOOD"she spit the last words in Belltrixs face and she winced at the words "yes My Lord" she bowed and Holly Let her wand fall to the ground pointing out befor her Draco "Come Hunny lets go" I smiled at her and thin spit at belltrix "up stand my girlfrined agen and youll be dead to the lord and me" he spit once more she winced agen and got up and we walked tto the room "Now Draco this is your waht 5 year and this is the first time you noticed my child" I stoped smiling and nodded "yes my lord but i love her now" i held her close he nodded and looked at holly she stared at him and he laughed "Yes Babygirl i know" he smield and hugged her close...

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