Time and Time ageen

Draco Malfoy Has never seen this Black haird girl with perfect Snake eyes of yellow let alone new she was in his house but will her father defend her or will it become great....See As Miss HollyRose Riddle daughter of one and only Voldamort but no one knows that or will it skip out finaly.....Coment plz and tell me how it is


3. Time is up and now im in LOVE With my Lords only child (Draco Malfoy)

Its chirsmas Brake and i was bak wih my parents my dad keept asking how he dint know but what its like to be with her "Father im in love with her" I said he grinnd "Perfect"he said my mum grined "Date her do you hear me ask her out" then Aunt Belltrix came in "HER SHES A WITCH DEMON SHE IS HELD A WAND TO MY NECK AND CALLED ME FILTH DONT YOU DARE DO YOU HEAR ME DONT YOU DEAR" she screamend i dint know why but i dont think shes to happy about Voldamort loveing someone who she dint know "Belltrix this is an amazing oppratointy we can marry them we would be a Riddle family" I looked at my dad "well she did want me to take her to a ball but idk if she likes me" even though he kissed her and she kissed back but still shes the oonly child of the Dark Lord the only one he loves truly loves ''okay i love you all". That week we had a meeting her father once agen in vited her to do some magic on a victum "Draco lets go'' the ball is comeing up i have to ask her  i will when we get there I steped in the fire place with her and i said "Riddle Mannor" and i felt a tugh but nothing i havent befor. I steped out and helped her out" Daddy" she squled "Hello my PoisonRose"he hugged her and kissed her for head "iv arranged with Snap you will stay with me over the christmas" she screamind in joy "Yeepy " I walked arm and arm with HollyRose to the dinning room "Hello Everyone" she smiled and sat beside her dad I looked at her then stood up she dint look to happy but sat there "My Lord HollyRose May I Plz Ta-Take Her to the Ball" I looked her father in the eye She squled and ran up and huged me "if daddy says yes then of course but ill have to get a dress" she sighed  and he smiled"of course princess and ill give you the dress your mum wore" she smiled her muther was in Griffendor and her father Slytheren "So Daddy if Muther was in Griffendor how did you meet her father smiled at her the Week befor the ball and i asked her " she smiled "i miss her daddy" she started crying he put his arm around her and  wisperd something in her ear and she perked up "BRING THE FILTHY MUD BLOOD IN KNOW BELLTRIX" the belltrix did what she said and she brught out a women with fiin blound hair her father smiled at her she pulled out her wand i never noticed but it was Hollyand rose wood 14 1/2 inches it had a rose desging going down and at the bottom and at the middle there wad a gold S  on it  and at the end there was a snake traling alon the vine she held it was a rose at the bottom her father put a ruby in the middle she smiled at the the girl "hello and wahts your name'' the girl shacked "Im am Cindy lun Duncins ' she said and Holly stoped "what did you say" she repeted her last name "so you are one of my mums relitives" holly said "LET HER GO" she sreamed her father put a hand on her shoulder and smiled at her she started crying all i wanted to do was run over to her and sooth her she was in her fathers cloke "iM so weak" she stuters "No baby i dint now she was part of you mums family ill let her go" she nodded and stoped crying but her cheeks were red "Oh Baby GIrl its okay" he wiped her cheeks and the women was let go Belltrix started calling her waek "My Lord she is weak let me kill her" he looked her in the eyes and yelled "YOU DARE TALK ABOUT MY CHILD THE BEST WICH IN HER YEAR THAT SHE IS WEAK" She back away in more or less hurt "But my Lord she is-" he cut her off "MY DAUGHTER"....

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