Time and Time ageen

Draco Malfoy Has never seen this Black haird girl with perfect Snake eyes of yellow let alone new she was in his house but will her father defend her or will it become great....See As Miss HollyRose Riddle daughter of one and only Voldamort but no one knows that or will it skip out finaly.....Coment plz and tell me how it is


2. The time he sees me with my father (HollyRose)

I smiled at him "so Draco you want to know who my Daddy is well let me see your arm with the mark" i said and he looked a bit frighten "fine we can wait till tommorw night okay" he smiled and i sighed 'good night Draco" once he left i got went to the fire place "Riddle Moannor" I threw the floo powdre in and off  I went to see Daddy once i got in Belltrix was there "PosineRose My Baby girl'' Daddy came down adn smiled at me i ran up and huged him im the only one whos alowed to tuch him "Daddy How are you" He smiled at me when Ni came in "Ni were is Halo" I hissed in snake to Ni then my snake daddy gave me came in "Halo" I rushed over and huged her she went up on my arm and sat on my neck "there there baby girl" Daddy spoke "Daddy is that one why is she looking at me" I said and Belltrix looked away at once "PosionRose are you okay my dear its seams you have been up all night" I smiled at him slily "Daddy I meat a boy Draco Malfoy" Belltrix rasied her head at the neam "Oh Dareling" Daddy smiled and huged me "you will be great like me and you mummy" I strted to tear at her name "oh baby girl you know till -" I started to whine a bit "But Daddy plz let me come just once im just as powerfull you taught me your self" I pouted "oh okay Baby Girl "  smiled im the only one daddy loves "thank you daddy" I kissed his cheek "Look at me you Filth" Belltrix rased her head "who are you to DRACO" i asked but rose my voce "Im hi Aunt My Lords daughter" I hated her sucking up to daddy "You lisen to me clearly" I wa right in front of her my wand in her neck "ever cross me and daddy wont kill you I WILL" I Hissed he laughed and pated my shoulder "My Princess" he smiled and Belltrix shaked her head "Dont tell him who my daddy is and tell him to ask me to the christmas ball if you dont mind" she nodded and daddy kissed my forhead "go back to school get some rest be better then that MUD-BLOOD okay baby girl" i nodded "yes sir" he smiled when he saw i was wearing the neckleac "im so glad you love the airlomm Princess"I kissed him once agen and looked his slave in the eyes she smiled at me i sint I gave halo a kiss good bye "wait daddy can i sit beside you on the head of the table daddy" he smiled at me "of course princess" i left after that by the time I got back and in my Dorm The day started."darling wake up " I smiled "okay Daddy" but when i opend my eyes and insted of Voldamort aka daddy it was Malfoy "I have a meeting tonight whould you like to come" I smiled at hiim "of course" I smield and dressed with Magic "you ready PosionRose" I smiled and looked at him "yes" we walked down to Breackfeast .The day went by in a blur and then it was time i got dressed in my necist dress daddy got it was green and red I walked out to Malfoy "Lets Go" I smiled and we did the floo network and then we were in my dads house i went out and went to were me and daddy yousaly have dinner I smiled when i saw him and he smiled when he saw me draco bowed but i ran and huged Voldamort everyone wide eyed as he huged me back and dint hurt me "oh PosineRose Baby girl sit by Your Dear father" when Draco heard this he stoped and looked we were the same and everyone looked at me suprized exept Belltrix"Hello Belltrix" right thren me and daddys snakes came in "Halo baby girl come to mummy" she snaked up my arm and layed her head on my shoulder "sit Draco me and daddy want to talk" I smiled and looked around the table "plz bring out the person daddy i want to show you something" and they did it was Crum "Hello" I said slily "daddy you alredy hurt him he was mine" I said mad but playing "I knwo but god he never shuts the Fuck Up Baby girl" i smiled and the  dd the unforgevable cures daddy showed me and he feel daed "  Great Job My PoisonRose" he smiled and gave me a kiss "and that dress lookes amazing on you my dear" he said puting a finger on my nose i giggled and hide my blushing face in his cloke "okay now down to bussnes princess come on" I sat down right besid him in front of the whole table held his hand and Halo just sat there as it came to an end daddy got up and gave me some dinner "here baby girl i know how you grow" I smiled thanked him and started eating Malfoy just stared at me when we got out of the room i took him up to my room it was the second largest i had a Balcony as long as it could go off my room was a Black my bed was pink my curtens also Rose Pink i have tuns of gowns but when he sees a midnight blue lether album "whats this Pousion Rose" I smiled "its a picter albom of me my mum and daddy Why" he shook his head and looked at me "why dint you tell me your father was my Lord" i smiled "well what fun whould that be " I layed on my bed and a big glass chandiler hung in my room taking up the whole cealing ''its nice'' he said i smiled and nodded he layed down beside me "may i tell you something" he asked me and i nodded and then his lips met mine and we did that for an hour maby longer then i heard my fathers call "PosionRose its time to get back to school" I laughed and pulled away "Yes Daddy "I walked down malfoy and me in a deep conversation about potions "snap is waching you Pouison Rose" he kissed my cheek we left in floo powder....

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