Time and Time ageen

Draco Malfoy Has never seen this Black haird girl with perfect Snake eyes of yellow let alone new she was in his house but will her father defend her or will it become great....See As Miss HollyRose Riddle daughter of one and only Voldamort but no one knows that or will it skip out finaly.....Coment plz and tell me how it is


4. The Ball and my Dad (HollyRose)

The Week of the Ball was on and I went to Daddys to see what he got me I went in the house "Hello Daddy" I yelled threw he house he was probly talking to one of his death eaters "Okay PoinsonRose come in Darling" I walked in to the loung room daddy was sitting talking to Mari j Hreting its one of dads followers "Hello Miss Holly your father and i were just talkign about your gift its right over there" she pountid at a dress it was my muthers it was silver with gold rose viens going all round it got puffy aloung the end it came out like a waterfall it was perfect the heels were silver also with golden sparkles "its perfect Daddy" I said amd huged him he huged me back "Thates not all" he said he held out a mask i had forgotten this ball is a masckreaed ball it was a face mask it coverd my eyes "Miss Mari made it for you" It was Silver and the ruflles on the sides were gold it was incrested with gold swriles all around  I smiled "thank you Miss and Daddy" I said he put it in a box with the dress and shoes. The Days went by in a blur in front of my eyes and then the day came and when it did the girls helped me mostly my best friend Kasside helped me put the corset on she hlped me do my hair after my dress was on she curled my hair and let it fall on my shoulders then she put my mask on my face then i put some silver lipstick on she smiled and let me get up "you look perfect HollyRose" I blushed "thankyou Kass" i walked down the stairs and then i see all kindes of girls they looked at me in enve then a boy with platnum Blound hair stood up and so did his friends he wore a tux and a mask of gold coverd his eyes i smiled at him,"Hello My Lady" he bowd and i cutrsed and he took my hand and we walked out of the room "you look nice" he said i blushed a dark red "thank you it was my muthers" i said he looked at me and smiled "well you look great shall we go in " he asked me and i agreed we walked in when Poter saw me he said hello and i looked away "Hello" I spit kinda he left after that and Draco took my hand "do you want to dance" i looked at him "Yes" i said and we walked out on the dance floor. We danced for hours I put my head on his shoulder "This is nice" I smiled he blushed a pink "Yes it is" he put his hand under my chin and brought it up "this is my gift for you for christmas " he put his lips on mine and we kissed while danceing we did that forever  i out my arms around his neck and deepend the kiss he put his arms around my waist and pulled me towreds him but then I heard a voice (He Better Back off you PoisonRose Im your fatehr and i will hurt him) I stoped and broke off  and steped back he looked at me worried "Im sorry" he said and i looked at him and smiled "thank you for my gift I Loved It"  I huged him he smiled at me and we huged agen" I have to tell you  something" I looked at him i got up to his ear "I Love You" I wisperd and he put his arms around my waist and kissed me agen " I love YOU TO HOLLYROSE JEAN RIDDLE" he yelled and everyone looked and smiled I Kissed him back.I got to my father and smield "Daddy Im Dateing" I yelled threw the house and ran in to his arms "Im in love with Draco Malfoy Daddy " he smiled at me  "Im so happy for you dareling you shall come next week for the meeting together " I smiled "of coruse Daddy and dont forget i want the victom " he smield and kissed my nose and i was on my way....

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