Time and Time ageen

Draco Malfoy Has never seen this Black haird girl with perfect Snake eyes of yellow let alone new she was in his house but will her father defend her or will it become great....See As Miss HollyRose Riddle daughter of one and only Voldamort but no one knows that or will it skip out finaly.....Coment plz and tell me how it is


7. Its all Great (Draco Malfoy)

Crabbi walked in with Goyle "SO you happy to get hiched" i saighed "yea im ready" she walked in and over heard me then i heard  sigh of depress come "Holly its okay you can come were just talking about the Wedding" she dint awnsoer just sat there looking at her hands saddly "whta is it dareling" I asked her she got clouse to my ear "I hae to kill someone with the avada kadaura spell" she waisperd and started laughing "so what do you think our colours should be" i asked her she smiled and thought about it "silver and gold and green" she smiled and i nodded "okay and the flowers" she though about it"Roses Lillys ,Hunysuckles" she smiled and i did to "okay well thats good i thought Roses and dimonds and perls should decrate with rubys and sapharies "she  said okay i kissed her and she went up to bed "Crabbie Goyle" they looked up "yea Malfoy" Crabbie asked "Do you like my soon to be wife " Goyle looked at me and almost laughed "dude i dont think shes like you at all why"  I looked hurt im gessing " i-i-I think its time for bed" they lef tme alone when i heard a slight sigh come in from the girls Domitory ''Get out here and show your self" I held my wand up "ITS JUST ME" the person yelled and walked out ''Pansy what are you doing" she smiled and walked over to me "what are you doing up" i put my wand down and sat down "couse i wanted to do this" she sat on my lap and kissed me then I heard it a scream when i pulled away there stood HollyRose she was crying she was holeding the ring "HOW DARE YOU SLUTE" She yelled "AND YOU MALFOY YOU-YOUR HORRIBAL" she threw down the ring and ran out to the fire place and went to her dad Pnasy picked up the ring "It fits me perfectly were going to marry" she sighed happly and i slaped her i took the ring off of her hand "HOW DARE YOU DO YOU KNOW HER DAD IS" i yelled at pansy and she shrugged "SO WHAT WHOS HER DADDY" I smiled and looked at her "Voldamort" i said and she stoped and strted shaking "who" i smiled "voldamort is her daddy" she looked scared "I must go now if you'd like to come and explain to him'; she nodded and stoped... we left...

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