Time and Time ageen

Draco Malfoy Has never seen this Black haird girl with perfect Snake eyes of yellow let alone new she was in his house but will her father defend her or will it become great....See As Miss HollyRose Riddle daughter of one and only Voldamort but no one knows that or will it skip out finaly.....Coment plz and tell me how it is


1. Hogwarts and a girl i never saw (Draco Malfoy)

I got on the train with my Owl, NightMare I said good bye to mum and dad this is my 5 year at hogwarts and I have been marked by the dark lord I am a death eater for now and always dads so proud of me he got me nightmare mum on the other had is not as happy but still is proud of me "Bye" I yelled as i got in to the same compartment as Crabbi and Goyle then there was a sweet voice came in '' im sorry can i sit with you" I looked over to were i heard the voice when i saw a perfect girl she has Black hair and snake eyes but there blue snake eyes unlike my lord then i smiled at her while Crabbi and Goyle had there jaws open like they were going to fall off "yes of course" I pated the seat next to me "whats your name" Goyle asked her she looked up and smiled like a modle "HollyRose Snake Riddle" she said "wait what your a Riddle whos your father"i asked she smiled slightly "you cant know" as wee stoped Crabbi asked her the names of her two pets "the Cat her name is Lord and my owl is Dark" The cat was as i know a a simes and the owl was an egale owl but black as we stoped she smiled and got up Lord followed her out i was stumped i was going to now why her last name is Riddle  but not know ill find out some time i just know it. I walked in two the Great Hall  then i saw her agen siting with Crabbi and Goyle i walked over there befor i could get there Pansy got me in a grip I could die in "oh DRACKIII WHY HAVENT YOU SENT ME A LETTER" but then HollyRose walked over "excuse me but i need to talk to Draco" she started to wail like a baby but then all you saw was a nuckle going to her nose and blood no one eles saw it" thank you for your understandin" she said silky smooth  then she walked away i followed her out of the Hall "Yes HollyRose" she smiled at me "I just wanted to know if your going to the dance whith anyone and if not ask me" she left me and went to the command room "wow" I mumbled under my breath. But then i ran in to Potter Weasly and Granger" Potter,Weasly,Granger" I sneered and spit a bit  at there names they looked at me in disgust "Malfoy" Potter said I walked away Crrabbi and Goyle behind me as we walked back to the Dungens everyone is asleep so Crabbi and Goyle go in to the Dormitorys when I went to sit i see HollyRose sitting there reading "what book you reading" she looked up at me her eyes even more pretty with the fire light was lighting her face up and i could only gasp and staer at her she moved her legs "do you want to sit or just stand there" she asked me and i sat down beside her and looked at her book "humm the Dark Lords family tree" i mussed " yes Iv always loved to know my family my dad never tells me" she sighed but i could understand wanting to know your child is the dark lords family "NOT A THING ABOUT MY MUM AND ME" She Scremand i put my hand on her mouth "why are you named HollyRose insted of just Holly Rose Riddle" I asked her she stoped looked me in the eyes and moved my hand  "Because My Father alwasy liked the posines berry Holly and my mum loved Roses so when she died giveng birth to me my father names me both he calls me PosineRose thats my nick name " she smiled ''so your father has black hair and your mum has blue eyes " she smiled "no my father has dark brown hair well did my mum had also Darkbrown hair so i have very dark its almost black yes my mum had blue eyes but my father had snake slits but they do widen out like normel eyes but only when im suprized" she said then i notice ssomethin "thats the Slythern family crest" the two green snakes intertwind the red rubys were the eyes and the toungh and a silver and gold S stood out"Yes my father gave it to me befor he left me with Snape he still vistis im living with him after this year" she smiled and played with it"wow thats cool who is your father and muther" she sared for a while"my Mum is Kassidy Duncins" i gasped shes a Duncins one of the last of the pureblood line "And well my father hes also a big person in the wizireding world" She smiled and i could only say something "if i may you look alot like the dark lord" I blurted out she stoped and blushed "Oh THank you i am very happy know" I smiled and turnd a bit pink not a nofe to notice "you know i can tell your blushing over there" she smirked and it faded "you know your not bad" she smiled "your not ethere"... Sorry its so long bt i tryed my best

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