The Unseen

ill do this later...lalalalalalala


1. Prologue

June 2, 2000

A beautiful baby girl is born, healthy and alive as can be. Tears of joy dribble down her mother's face as she admires the twinkle in her baby's eyes. The baby smiles and gives her first winks to her mother as if saying "everything is going to be okay."

Beautiful as her baby, sweet as honey, and gentle as the morning breeze, Evangeline repeats the name Brooke over and over again in her head. She looks to her husband and says, "Please, Erik, drive safe"

You see, humans have a special, unknown property. You see if we die, we are born again into a new being altogether; different personality, different looks and sometimes even a different gender. We remember everyone and everything from our past life, but it is forbidden to seek them out. This is called the Law of Rebirth. And this child was the first to break this.

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