(Not famous in the story) Niall and Harry used to be best friends. Now their sworn enemies. Niall goes through alot at home, as well as Harry. But eventually Harry learns a secret about Niall. How will this effect their relationship?


1. You lied


                                                                              Chapter 1.

 "Niall!", he said. I laughed and ran in the living room, he was going to kill me. "Niall, I'm never making you cake again.",he said. I gave him the puppy dog look, "Why?", I asked. He laughed,"Because you poured the bowl on me!",he said. He was trying to act mad but failed miserably. "You look good in chocolate though.",I said. He started grinning like a mad man,"Well then in that case.", he said. He started walking towards me, I started backing up. "Haz what are you doing?", I asked. "It looks like you could use a hug.",he said. I backed up against the wall, I was so screwed. He hugged me and got it all over me. We both laughed uncontrollable, he leaned closer to me. "You look pretty good in chocolate too.", he said. And with that he kissed me.

 I woke up breathing really hard, I hate that dream. The reason I hate it is because it happened, as soon as he kissed me he pulled away I remember every single detail. He looked so confused, "I gotta go Nialler.",he said. That was 4 years ago, ever since then we don't talk. Unless he's trying to beat me up. He's been bullying me since then, him and his crew. Zayn and Louis are Harry's pets and pick on me too. I don't know what I did to make all them hate me, they just do. Tears were forming in my eyes, I wanted my best friend back. i blinked them away and looked at the time, 7:30. Shit, I was going to be late.

 I jumped out of bed, put some clothes on and went in the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, and ruffled my hair a bit. I grabbed my school bag and went downstairs, Greg moved out and Mom was at work. I grabbed a granola bar and went outside. I walked to school as usual, if I walk fast I could make it. I reached the school, I was 10 minuets early. Class didn't start until 8:00, great. I wonder where Liam is. Liam is my best friend, my only friend. "Hey faggot!",Harry said. I tensed up, Liam please show up. I ignored him even though I know they wouldn't leave me alone.

"Don't ignore me faggot, I know you heard me.", he said. I turned around, "What do you want Harry?", I asked. "You getting an attitude Horan? Do I need to remind you who I am.? I'm Harry fucking Styles.",he said. "Where's Louis and Zayn?", I asked. "They're with their girlfriends. Why? Does the faggot have a crush?",he asked. "So I can say this. Harry I know who are you. There was a point in time where we were friends. We were best friend Haz- Harry.I don't know what the hell happened. You promised you'd never hurt me. You lied. You promised to stay by my side. You lied. You promised you'd be there if I needed help. You lied.", I said.

I had tears in my eyes but I refused to cry in front of him. "I changed.",he said. I couldn't believe him. "Yeah you did! You changed to a cold heartless pathetic boy I wish I'd never met!", i said. I walked off and went to class not bothering to wait for Liam. I sat down at the desk and put my head down. "Hey mate you alright?", Liam asked. "Yeah just fine. just another day with Harry.", I said. Liam was the only person who knew, I only had him to tell. Not that I would tell anybody else though. "Did he hurt you again?",he asked. Liam was nice and wouldn't hurt a fly, but he was bullied as a kid and took boxing as self-defense. He's never got in a fight, but he almost did with Harry. Harry beat me up really badly that day, Liam almost got in a fight with him but I told him it wasn't worth it.

"No, I just told him how I felt.", I said. He gasped, "Really?!",he asked. I realized what he meant. "No, not that I told him I wanted my best friend back.", I said. "Oh, I had a panic attack a little bit.", he said. "I could never tell Harry i love him, he'd kill me.",I said. The bell rung and Mr.Adam came in and started rambling about something and I zoned out. I wonder how Harry would react if I told him i love him. I mean he was the one who kissed me back then. The bell rung and I got up and walked with Liam. Our lockers were by each other, I got my science book. "I heard that Louis and Zayn went to a party and made out.",Liam said. "Really? Wow they way the act around me you would think they were homophobic.", I said.

I went to science and sat in my usual chair, I sat down and started humming a song. I heard someone walk by me, I looked up. It was Harry. This was the only class I had with Him, Louis and Zayn besides P.E. Harry sat behind me. I ignored him, but he wasn't doing anything like he usually does. He kicked my chair, I spoke to soon. I turned around and glared at him he just smiled. I turned around and started tapping my pen. "Stop it you're annoying me.",he said. I kept tapping and ignored him,"Faggot.",he said. I kept tapping my pen. "Niall",he said.

 I almost stopped tapping my pen, but I didn't. He hasn't called me that since we were friends. It's always Fag, Faggot, Homo, Horan, or anything insulting. "Nialler",he said. That's it I stopped tapping my pen, memories flashed through my mind. I turned around,"Are you sick?", I asked. "No why.", he asked clearly baffled. "You just called me Nialler and Niall.", I said. "That's your name isn't it?",he asked. I just shook my head and turned around. Mrs. Johnson said something about a Homework assignment but I ignored it. Liam and I usually work on it together anyway.

 The bell rang and I got up and walked to my locker. "Something's up with Harry, He called me Niall and Nialler in class.", I said. "Are you serious?",Liam asked. "Yeah it was scary.", I said. "Come on let's go to P.E", he said. I put my stuff in the locker and walked with Liam to the locker room. I wait until everybody's done then I get dressed. Usually Liam waits with me but I told him to go. I started to get dressed then I heard someone come in. I looked around the corner it was Harry. "What faggot?",he asked. What is with him? I can't do this anymore.

 I put my shorts on and walked over to him. "Harry tell me what I did to make you hate me. I honestly don't know. The last thing I remember was the summer of 8th grade. You and Me were at your house and I poured batter on you and you kissed me. Is it the kiss?", I asked. "You kissed me faggot.",he said. "Don't you dare pull that card Harry. I'll admit I kissed you back, but you kissed me first.", I said. He ignored me,"I won't ask again Harry. What did I do?! What the hell did I do! I was there for you all the time. I told you everything and then you just push me away?", I said. The last part was more a whisper. "I was going through stuff okay?",he said.

 I couldn't take it anymore, "SO WAS I HARRY! I WAS GOING THROUGH SHIT AND I NEEDED YOU. BUT YOU ABANDONED ME! YOU LEFT ME ALONE WHEN I NEEDED YOU THE MOST. WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU GOING THROUGH I COULD'VE HELPED!",I yelled. He looked sad,"I had to figure something out and I couldn't tell you. You couldn't have helped me. Besides what you were going through couldn't have been that bad  or you would have said something.",he said. " YES I COULD'VE HARRY! I COULD'VE TRIED AT LEAST, BUT YOU DIDN'T GIVE ME A CHANCE. AND WHAT I WAS GOING THROUGH WAS PRETTY BAD. I CUT MYSELF WHEN YOU LEFT ME. DAY AFTER DAY. NIGHT AFTER NIGHT. I CRIED, CUTTING MYSELF, WANTING MY BEST FRIEND!", I said.

 "What could you possibly have needed me for?",he asked. It was now or never," I was realizing I was gay Harry. And you just left me alone when I need you most.", I said. "You make it sound like I was the one who made you realize you were a faggot.",he said. "YOU WERE!", I said. I punched the locker,"I fell in love with you Harry, I'm still in love with you Harry. But I'm done.", i said. I walked out the room and into the gym. Our P.E didn't care what we did so we all usually did nothing. i walked over by Liam. "We need to go now.",I said. I had tears in my eyes, and almost instantly as if he knew what I meant,"My place?",he asked. I shook my head yes and we left the gym and went to the parking lot.We got in the car and drove off, I could've swore i saw Harry in the mirror. I was probably seeing things.


 So that's the first chapter on the 10th through the 14th I'll be gone and won't update. But tell I'll update as soon as I get back. Love you all Xxx

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