(Not famous in the story) Niall and Harry used to be best friends. Now their sworn enemies. Niall goes through alot at home, as well as Harry. But eventually Harry learns a secret about Niall. How will this effect their relationship?


16. What. Just. Happened.


                                                                Chapter 16.

  These pass three days have been terrible, Well the first day I was suspended was okay. But harry had to eventually go back so i made him go. Today is my first day back from being suspended. "Niall!" Harry got me out of my thoughts, why is he here? "Yes?", I replied. "I'm here.",she said. I went downstairs. "Hey babe.",he said. "Hey, why are you here so early its 7:30.",I said. "Well I wanted to make a stop at McDonalds and get you breakfast.",he said. "Okay.",I said. I went to my room and got my bag, went downstairs and walked out the door. I didn't find any need to lock it. 

We got in his car and started driving to go get food. "So since it's friday , are the boys gonna come over?", Harry asked. "I'm not sure.", I replied. We pulled up and went inside. "I would like an Iced coffee, a chocolate chip frappe, three sausage biscuits, and two hash browns.", he said. "That'll be $10.25, your number is 169.",the lady said. "Thank you.", Harry replied as he paid her. I went and sat down, harry sat across from me. "You okay?",he asked. "Yeah.... just thinking.",I said. "About?",he asked. " You know how I want to be a singer.. and you do too. Well Liam wants to be a singer..",I said. "Yeah. Wanna know whats weird? Louis and Zayn we were thinking about the two of them becoming singers in a little group with each other.",he said. "What if we... formed a band.", I said.

 We ate our food and went to school. Harry and I talked about the whole band idea. I told him how liam tried out for x Factor when he was 14 but didn't quite make it. We said we would mention this to the boys.. we got to school and walked in. Happily hand-in-hand. "Hey boys, Hey!", Liam said. I laughed. "Hey Lili.", I said. "Can't wait for school to be over. So we can hang out like old times!",he said. Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that. "Uhh yeah. Me too.",I said. His face fell,"You forgot didn't you?",he said. "Sorry Li. Things have been crazy we can still hang out. Just me and you. I'm sorry.",I said. "It's fine, but wanna ride with me? After school?", he asked. I looked at Harry and he smiled. "Yeah he does, I'm gonna have a boys night out with my two best gay friends.",Harry said. We all laughed. "Harry we're all gay.", Liam said. I stopped laughing. Wait what? Liam must have caught on to the reason I wasnt laughing anymore. "I mean all you guys except me. Haha. I'm gonna get to class. See you later Harry.",Liam said. He kinda just looked at me and walked off.

The rest of the day kinda went by slow. I'm still confused about what Liam said earlier. He's been kinda strange around me.. Harry, Louis and Zayn are gonna be at Lou's for the weekend Liam is gonna be at my house all weekend. "Ready Ni?",Liam said. "Yeah.", I replied. I kissed harry and said goodbye. Liam kinda just looked at us,"Okay let's go.",he said. And walked away to his car. Okay? What is up with him. I got in his car,"Liam are you okay?", I said. "Yeah. I'm alright.",he replied. Okay..

We got to my house and ate some leftovers. We watched Nemo and Toy Story. Now we're deciding on another movie. "How bout Love-" "No.",Liam said. I didn't even get the full title out of my mouth. Okay then. "Whats up with you Liam. And don't tell me nothing your my best friend. I can tell.",I said. I was sitting on the couch. Liam got up and walked over to me. And kissed me.

What. Just. Happened.


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