(Not famous in the story) Niall and Harry used to be best friends. Now their sworn enemies. Niall goes through alot at home, as well as Harry. But eventually Harry learns a secret about Niall. How will this effect their relationship?


2. Rooftop


                                                                            Chapter 2.

  We got to Liam's house and went inside, I told him everything that has happened 10 minuets ago."I'm so sorry you had to go through that Niall. I really am, But I'm here for you okay? Do you need anything?",he asked. "No, but can I sleep in your bed. I'm tired.",I said. "Sure,just let me know if you need anything. I'll be downstairs, my mom is on a cruise with her job and wont be home for about a month and a half.",he said. I just shook my head and layed down. He hugged me, then went downstairs.

 I woke up and checked my phone, it was 3:15. We left about 10:00 this morning, I've been asleep a while. I went downstairs and asked Liam to take me home. "Want some food?",he asked. Usually I would say yes, but I was too upset. "No thanks let's just go.",I said. He was about to protest but I walked away. We got in the car and drove to my house. "Thanks Lili.",I said. "No problem Nialler",he said. I flinched when he said that. It reminded me of Harry, I went inside the house. Mom wouldn't be home until 6:00, I went to my room and got the bottle of vodka I kept under there.

 After about half the bottle I got up and looked at the pictures of Harry and I in Middle school. I don't know why, but I kept those pictures tapped on my wall. I ripped then down,"YOU LEFT ME ALONE. YOU LIED TO ME. YOU MADE ME FALL INN LOVE WITH YOU. AND YOU JUST LEFT. I HATE YOU! I balled up the pictures and threw them in the trash. I grabbed my lighter and the trash can and walked to the backyard. I lit the pictures on fire, "Goodbye Harry.", I said. I went back inside and layed down.

 "Niall!", he said. I laughed and ran in the living room, he was going to kill me. "Niall, I'm never making you cake again.",he said. I gave him the puppy dog look, "Why?", I asked. He laughed,"Because you poured the bowl on me!",he said. He was trying to act mad but failed miserably. "You look good in chocolate though.",I said. He started grinning like a mad man,"Well then in that case.", he said. He started walking towards me, I started backing up. "Haz what are you doing?", I asked. "It looks like you could use a hug.",he said. I backed up against the wall, I was so screwed. He hugged me and got it all over me. We both laughed uncontrollable, he leaned closer to me. "You look pretty good in chocolate too.", he said. And with that -

  My alarm went off and I woke up sweating, I got up and took a shower. I got ready and went downstairs. "Hey mom.",I said. "Hey honey.",she said. "You off work today?",I asked. I really hoped she was, maybe we could hang out later. Watch movies or something. "No, I just go in later. So that means I'll be here later than usual. But there's left over dinner in the fridge.",she said. I sighed and grabbed a granola bar. I heard a horn honk,"Liam's here I have to go.",I said. It was weird he only picks me up when I ask him to. I walked outside not paying attention. I opened the door,"Why did you co-",I looked over. Harry.

 I was about to open the door but he locked it. "Let me out.",I said. "We need to talk.",he said. "No we don't let me out. I already know what you're gonna say lat me out!",I said raising my voice. "Nialler.",he said. "Let me OUT!",I shouted. He sighed and unlocked the door. "Goodbye Harry.",I said. I slammed the door and started walking. It took harry about two minuets before he drove off. When he went past me he just looked at me. He looked sad, I wonder why?

 I got to school, "Hey faggot.",Louis said. Surprisingly it wasn't Harry. I just kept walking,"Dont ign-", he started. Harry cut him off,"Guys stop, we need to get to class.",he said. I looked up and turned to him confused. The other boys walked away confused as me. Harry gave me a sly smile and started to walk up to me. "Don't go to gym, meet me on the roof. Please",he whispered in my ear. He just looked down at me and walked away to class. I was so confused, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around,"Oh, Hey Liam",I said. "What was that about?",he asked. "I'm not quite sure myself.",I said. 'Oh, Okay. Well let's go.",he said.

 First and secind hour went quick, I told Liam what I was doing. He didn't want me to, but I'm still going to. I went to my locker and put my stuff up. I waited till the hallway was empty and started walking to the stairs. Once I got up the stairs to the door, I just stood there. What if he was going to hurt me? Maybe Liam was right. Maybe I shouldn't go in. I reached the handle and slowly turned it. I opened the door and looked around. I saw harry looking at me. I walked over to him and we kinda just looked at each other.

 "So why are we up here? You gonna jump me? Say how nasty I am for being gay?",I said. "No, we need to talk sit down.",he said. I sat down across from him. He pulled out a little container and handed it towards me. "What is this?",I asked. "Uhmm Chocolate cake. I remember how badly you wanted it that one day.",he said. "You remember that day?",I asked. "Yeah actually I do. It's like repetitive in my memories. Especially the look you had on your face when I left. You looked confused. So happy. So hurt at the same time. I'm so sorry.",he said

 "Can I ask you some questions?",I said. "Go ahead.",he said. "First off, What did you do to this cake. You've been beating me up that past what.Three years? Now you just hand me a cake. This could be my death sentence all I know.",i said. We both chuckled," It's safe, I'll take a bite of it if you want.",he said. I handed him the container, he opened it and took a bite. "See it's okay.",he said. I took it back and took a bite, it was like heaven in your mouth. He was always a good cook, I missed it. "What was your other questions?",he asked.

 "Why are you being nice to me. Yesterday I told you I was gay, which you've been tormenting me for. And I said I was in love with you. Don't you wanna kill me?",I asked. "That's why we need to talk. Niall I'm so very sorry. I never wanted to hurt you, that's why I left. But I know I started bullying you. I was just so mad at myself, so I took it out on you. I'm so so sorry. Can you forgive me?",he said. I wanted to say no,but I knew he wasn't lying. I could tell when he was, we used to best friends.

 "Yes I forgive you, but I will never forget what you put me through.",I said. "I know, and thank you.",he said. "Why were you mad at yourself?",I said. I took a deep breath and looked at me. "For hurting you, i knew you were hurt. But I was scared you'd hate me. For kissing you."he said. "Why did you kiss me? You're the biggest homophobic I know besides Louis and Zayn.",I said. He started laughing,"Are you kidding? They're gay! And together! They just did that because I did. But I told them what I'm going to tell you.",he said. "You haven't answered my question.",I said.

 "I kissed you because, I was figuring out that I was gay too. I was in love with you, but I didn't want you to make fun of me, or hurt me. So I thought if i just got out of your life you'd forget about me. But then I started getting so mad at myself knowing I hurt you, so I took it out on you. I felt bad every time. Eventually I met Louis and Zayn, they were gay. I told them I wouldn't hurt them if they started beating you up with me. And they did.",he said

 He was crying,"I wouldn't have been mad, Hazza we were Best Friends. And I kissed you back, obviously I loved you back. I thought you hated me.",I said. "I could never hate you Ni, I love you too much.",he said. He looked at me,"Can I kiss you?",he asked. I didn't say anything, I just keaned in and kissed him. I looked at him,"I love you Harry.",I said. "I love you too, will you be my boyfriend?",he asked. "Yes",I said. He stood up and laughed,"We should go to class.",I said. "Lets tell the boys. I'm huessing Liam knows you're gay and about our situation?",he said. "Yep",I said.


  I'm back!!! I hope you guys like it so far!(: Well bye love you guys! Xxx


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