(Not famous in the story) Niall and Harry used to be best friends. Now their sworn enemies. Niall goes through alot at home, as well as Harry. But eventually Harry learns a secret about Niall. How will this effect their relationship?


7. Promises & Lies


                                                                         Chapter 7.

 I woke up in a hotel room,"Hey",harry whispered. "Hey, when did I get in here?",I asked. "Well you were asleep and I didn't wanna wake you up so I carried you through the airport to the cab. You slept the whole way here and I carried up in here. And we've been here for 45 minuets.",he said. "Where is everybody?",I asked. Well Greg and your mom are in a single room. And Louis,Zayn, and Liam are in another. And there's me and you. We're all next door for each other just in case. And everybody is down at the pool.",he said. "Ohh, let's go swimming!",I said. He laughed and got up.

 We went to the pool with everybody else,"Hey Niall!",Mom said. "Hey Mom!", I said. I satdown next to her and Harry went with the other boys. "You feel any better?",she asked. "Not really but I'm trying to stay strong for everyone else. I love you all and I don't want you guys to get hurt.",I said. Just the my phone started ringing. picked it up,"Hello?",I asked. "Hey baby. Haven't heard your sweet voice in a while.",he said. I swallowed the lump that formed in my throat. "What do you want Jake?",I asked. "Well baby, I want you. I told you when I got out you were mine. And if poor Greg get's in my way-" "If you lay a hand on him I will personally hurt you.",I said. He just laughed,"Bye Niall. I'm coming for you."he said.

 He hung up and I looked at Mom,"Everything is gonna be alright. Right?",I asked. "Baby I wanna say yes, but I just don't know."she said. 

 I just couldn't take it anymore and I started crying,"Harry!",mom shouted. He came running over to us,"Ye- Hey what's wrong?!",he asked. I was crying so hard I couldn't answer,"Jake called,I don't know what he said but it scared Niall.",Mom said. "Harry picked my up bridal style and carried me all the way to the room. "Niall, Nialler baby. I need you to stop crying for a second and tell me what happened. I tried to talk and it came out all jumbled, "Jake...hurt....scared.....find me...... hung up... crying.".I said. I just couldn't stop crying, somehow he understood what I said and just grabbed my phone and left the room.

                                                                                      Harry's P.O.V

 I grabbed Niall's phone and went in the bathroom, I looked at his recent calls. I clicked the Green button and it started ringing. Not even 3 rings and he picked up the phone,"Hello baby. Miss me?",he asked. "Listen here you little shit. I will ruin you, I don't know why they let your psychotic ass out but I'll put you right back in. If you so much as touch his hair. I will personally chop off your dick and feed to a dog! Stay the fuck away from Niall.",I said. He just laughed,"I'm guessing you're Niall's Boy toy. Harry? Well, Niall was mine first and he will always be mine. You pushed him away. He told me everything you did to him and I was there for him. His shoulder to cry on. But you lied, you don't deserve him. He doesn't even love you, he's just getting over me.",he said. "stay the fuck away from my Nialler. Or I will find you and beat the shit out of you.",I said.

 I hung up and opened the door, Niall was right there. "Jeez Nialler you scared me.",I said. "What the actual fuck Harry?! Do you want to hurt me! Because if Jake hurts you it'll kill me before he does! Are you FUCKING MENTAL! HE'LL KILL YOU. I JUST GOT YOU. I CAN'T LOSE YOU!",he said. "You're not losing me. I'm not losing you. Okay?",I said. I hugged him,"I'm just scared because I love you Harry.",he said. "I know Boo. Trust me I know. I love you too. Just Breathe.",I said. We went and layed down on the bed.

 When he fell asleep I called everyone and told them to meet me in Living Room of our room. After about 5 minuets everyone was in there sitting down. "Okay we need to take shifts watching Nialler, he's gonna be stressed and won't wannabe alone. Plus I don't wanna leave him alone, I'm gonna call a buddy of mine. His name is Paul, he's buff and big. Like a Body guard, he can help us. I'm gonna need you boys to watch Niall for me. Greg, Paul and you are gonna come with me and tell the lobby to keep a look out on someone named Jake. We are not gonna let him hurt Niall.",I said.

 Everyone was silent for a while when I noticed Louis crying,"Lou what's wrong?",I asked. "I'm scared for Niall. i don't want him to get hurt, he's one of my closest friends. We have a literally became brothers and i don't wanna lose that.",he said. "We're not. Okay? I swear on life I won't let anything happen to Niall. Or any of us. He'll have to get through Me. I love you all okay? Now let's figure out who's gonna be with Niall throughout the days.

 After about 2 hours and a half, we figured out everything. And i called Paul and he's on his way here He should be here about  10:45. And it's 8:30 right now. Maura will be with Niall 12 pm-2 pm in the afternoon. Greg will be with him 2pm-4pm, Louis 4pm-6pm, Zayn 6pm-8pm, Liam 8pm-10pm. And Paul and I the rest of the time, I don't care what it takes. Jake is not gonna ruin Niall anymore. I won't let that happen, Niall's phone started ringing. We all looked at each other and at the phone.

 I picked it up and put it on speaker,"Hello?",I said. "Harry, you guys picked a beautiful place to hide from me.",he said. "Oh No." I turned to see who said that. Niall. "Don't you dare, if you even come near here I swea-. "You swear what Harry!? You don't know the things I'm capable of. I could destroy you. Kill you if I wanted to. But I don't I wanna play a little Game. Meet me at the Dance floor tonight at 10:30 sharp. Alone.",he said. Then he hung up. I looked at Niall, he looked petrified. "It's okay baby. I'm doing this for you, it's okay.",I said. I was lying through my teeth, I was petrified.But this was for Niall. For Maura, Greg, Louis, Liam, Zayn, even Paul.  "I'm going with you, I'm not letting you go alone. Whether you want me to or not I'm coming.",he said.

 For about an hour Niall and I argued whether he was coming or not. The best I could do was that if I was gone for longer then 30 minuets, he was gonna come look for me. Everyone was siting in the Living Room not really talking. Just looking at each other. I checked the time, 10:00. "Hey guys I'm gonna got talk to Niall in the room okay? I'll be back.",I said. I got up and pulled Niall up with me, he linked our fingers together. I pulled him in the bathroom,"Okay baby I want you to listen to me okay? You know as much as I do, you can feel it. Something bad is gonna happen okay? If you go to check on me and you don't see me. i want you to run up to the room and tell the others. I want you to pack and to leave. As fast as can, get the hell out of here.",I said. He just looked at me with a blank face.

                                                                             Niall's P.O.V

 He wants me to leave? Is he serious. "Niall I'm serious you need to promise me you'll leave. If you get hurt, I won't be able to live with myself. Niall please.",he asked. I put my hands behind my back and crossed my fingers, "I promise Harry, I'll leave i promise.",I said. I can't believe I just lied to his face. He sighed in relief and pulled me in for a kiss. I pulled away,"Does it hurt your heart that the fact I may never kiss you again?",I said. He whispered,"Hey, don't say that. Forever and Ever like I promised. I love you Nialler. So so much. You'll never know.",he said. He checked the time,"I need to go it's 10:20.",he said. "I'm coming for you as soon as it says 11:00 pm. Please be safe.",I said. "I promise.",he said. He came over and kissed me on the forehead. Then opened the door, he walked over to the front door. "Love you babe.",he said. Then he left.

 I went to the living room and sat down,"He left. He's gone. To see.... that thing.",I said. "Baby it's gonna be alright okay?",mom said. "How do you know that?",I asked. "Because, if he does take Harry. Remember when you guys came to this exact hotel that one weekend. You know exactly where he would go if he took Harry.",she said. I can't believe I didn't think about that. "Oh yeah! Mom you're a genius! Okay there's a couple place he would go. We just wait and see how things play out.

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