(Not famous in the story) Niall and Harry used to be best friends. Now their sworn enemies. Niall goes through alot at home, as well as Harry. But eventually Harry learns a secret about Niall. How will this effect their relationship?


3. Nando's!(:


                                                                          Chapter 3.

  When we walked in the gym holding hands Louis and Zayn ran up to us. "Hey guys! I see that you're together.",Louis said. "We just want to apologize for beating you up. We are really sorry. Can you forgive us?",Zayn asked. "Yes, we're together. And yes I forgive you.",I said. "Guys wanna go out tonight for dinner? All of us.",Harry asked. "Can we go to Nando's?",I asked. "Of course we can go wherever you want babe.",he said. He kissed my head,"Aww you guys are so cute.",Louis said.

 Today went by really slowly since I don't have anymore classes with Harry,Louis,or Zayn. I might see if we can all get our schedules changed together. When the bell rang signalling the end of the day I walked out of class and went to my locker. Liam,Louis,and Zayn were already there. I'm really happy we can all be friends. Someone came up behind me and wrapped their hands around my waist. "Hey baby.",Harry said. "Hey.",I replied. "Wanna go eat now?",he asked. "Yeah, come on guys let's go!",I said.

 When we went to Nando's we went inside and ordered our food. While we were waiting I had an idea. "Since it's Friday and we have the next week off for break, why don't you guys just come over to my house and we can watch movies ans stuff.",I said. "That sounds like a great idea Niall, but we'd have to go back to our houses and get clothes.",Liam said. "Okay well when we finish our food you guys can go back to your houses and get your stuff and Harry and i will just go to my house.",I said.

 When we finished our food Harry and I got in his car and drove to my house. It was only 5:30 so my mom wouldn't be home for a while. I decided to text her and tell her I was having a few friends over and that we already ate. "Hey babe.",Harry said. "Yeah?",I replied. "Is Nemo still your favorite movie?",he asked. He remembered my favorite movie? I walked over to him,"You remember that after 3 years?",I asked. He smiled and kissed my forehead,"Of course I remembered.",he said. "I remember your too. Love actually, I remember watching it all time with you.",I said. "I remember wishing we fell in love just like everyone else in that movie.",he said. I giggled,"You're adorable.",I said.

 When all the boys finally got here we all sat down in the living room. "Okay so we didn't want to just pick out all of our favorite movies. So we picked a random scary movie.",I said. "What movie?",Louis asked. "The possession.",Harry said. "Alright let's start you guys!",I said. We all sat down and started the movie. Harry and I were on a pallet on the floor, Louis and Zayn were on the couch. And Liam was on the recliner, all by his lonesome.

 We were at the part of the movie where the girl was in the hospital and the Jewish guy was doing an exorcism. Everybody was a little scared,but I was freaked out. Harry was basically holding me,"We can turn it off if you want.",he whispered in my ear. "No I'm fine, just don't let me go.",I whispered back. "Daddy you scared me." "Daddy you SACRED ME." This movie is insane, I looked up at the T.V and this gremlin Devil thing was crawling on the ground. "What the fuck is that?!",I said. "It's the thing that was inside of the girl.",Liam said. That's it,"I'm gonna go to the bathroom.",I said.

I've been in the bathroom for like 15 minuets, there's no way I'm going in the until that movies over. "Boo? You okay? You've been in there awhile.",Harry said. I opened the door, I'm not going out there until that movie is over.",I said. He started laughing,"The little girl is okay, it's almost over just come on. I don't wanna be alone."he said. "Fine.",I said. I went in there and the guy was driving,"Okay bye." He hung up the phone, good nothing ba- What the bloody hell?! Did he just get hit by a truck?! That thing in the box is singing! "I thought you said it was nearly over!",I said. "It is now.",he said.

                                                             ~About 30 minuets later~

 Harry went to the bathroom and we were just chilling in the living room. The door handle started shaking. Oh my God it's coming. "AAAAAH!",I screamed. The door opened,"Why are screaming?! Are you okay?!" It was just my mom,"Yeah I'm fine, I thought you were the devil.",I said. She looked at me until she realized I was being serious, she started laughing. "It's not funny! We just watched this really creepy movie.",I said. "I'm sorry Hone. Why don't you introduce me to your friends. I haven't seen these ones."she said.


 I introduced her to Louis and Zayn,"Well it's nice to meet you boys.",she said. "Nice to meet you too Mrs.Horan.",they replied. "Please call me Maura.",she said. They nodded their heads,"Hey Niall where should I put my clo-" "Mrs.Horan? I didn't know you were here. Hello!",he said. "Who ar-. Oh my goodness, Harold Styles?! What the hell are you doing in my house?!",she said. Shit.


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