(Not famous in the story) Niall and Harry used to be best friends. Now their sworn enemies. Niall goes through alot at home, as well as Harry. But eventually Harry learns a secret about Niall. How will this effect their relationship?


9. Love


                                                                Chapter 9.

                                                                Niall's P.O.V

 I woke up and Harry was still sleeping in my chest, I slowly got up careful not to wake him up. I ordered room service and went in the living room to wait. Mom texted me and told me to meet her in the lobby. I tried to hurry, when I walked down to the lobby everyone had their bags packed. "what's going on you guys?",I asked. "We decided that you and Harry need some time together alone. So I'm gonna leave you with my credit card and you need to come back at least two days before school okay?",she said.

 We said Goodbye and I went back to the room.When I got there I ran into the room service lady with our food. I said thank you and took the food in the room. I went in there and climbed on top of Harry. I started rubbing my hair in his face to tickle him to wake him up. "Niall. Niall stop.",he said. I looked at him with a huge grin on my face. "Everybody left because they thought we deserved private time.",I said. He smiled,"Well what do you wanna do?",he asked. "Well I really just wanna spend as much time with you as possible. Even if that means showering with each other.",I said. "Well we can take a shower tonight.",I said.

 Harry got up and said he was gonna go to the gym, he asked me if I wanted to come but I said no. I went and sat in the living room and turned on the T.V. As I was flipping the channels, I noticed something. I went back a couple channels to the news,"Jake Scott has been Arrested for kidnapping and planning a murder. As well as his partners who helped, we were told that the people it happened to is confidential. He has been given 25 to life. No exception." Is this really happening?! He's in there forever! He can't hurt me or Harry ever again! I got to tell Harry!

 I ran out the room to the gym, Harry was at the punching bag. "Harry! Harry! Harry!",I yelled. People were looking at me but I didn't care. He turned around,body glistening in sweat, with his boxing gloves on. He looked so freaking sexy,"What Niall?",he asked. "I was flipping through the channels. Jake went to jail. He cant ever get out. Were Safe! You did it! We did it!",I said. I said that really fast in a one big slur,"Wait baby calm down, explain what happened slowly.",he said. "Well when you left I was bored so I was flipping through the channels on the T.V and on the news it said Jake was going to jail. And he cant get out, no exceptions. He's in there forever.",I said. He smiled,"That's great babe.",he said.

 Harry went back up to the room with me,"Harry, on my way to you. As i was screaming your name, you looked really good. Sweating and stuff. You looked tough, it was sexy.",I said. I winked and he just laughed,"Thanks, you're not to bad looking yourself.",he said. I walked over to him and got in between his legs while he was on the counter,"Well I think you're sexy. And adorable. And cute. And hot. And anything you could imagine. And mine. Definitely mine.",I said. Harry started leaning in until he was right up against my lips."Well I think you're amazing. And beautiful. And sexy. And just so freaking hot that just looking at you makes me go weak in the knees. And mine. Most definitely mine.",he said.

 We kissed and it turned into a full on snog, I picked him up and he wrapped his legs around my waist. "I'm sweaty and gross Niall.",he said against my lips. I sighed and pulled away,"Go take a shower, you smell like sweat.",I said. "Hey.",he said. I was kinda disappointed, I really wanted him. Like I just want him for one day, he was the person I wanted him to take it away anyway. Not Jake. I shivered thinking about it. I really wanted him,:"Niall!",he said. I looked at him,"I know babe, I want this as much as you do.But it needs to be special, not when I'm sweaty. Okay?",he said. "Yeah, I just. I just wanted you to be the person to take it ya know?",I said. "Yeah baby I know, Go order some food while I take a shower."he said.

 When he got out the shower the food had come to the room. We watched T.V for a little bit. But we got bored,"Wanna go down to the spa?",he asked. "Isn't that girly?",I asked. "Not really.", he said. I smiled and got up. "Well c'mon then.",I said. He smiled and got up after me.

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