(Not famous in the story) Niall and Harry used to be best friends. Now their sworn enemies. Niall goes through alot at home, as well as Harry. But eventually Harry learns a secret about Niall. How will this effect their relationship?


8. I love you


                                                                             Chapter 8.

                                                                              Harry's P.O.V

 I was at the corner of the room on an couch when I saw someone heading my way. He was tall, a little taller than me. He had brown hair in a quiff, he had grey eyes that looked like pure evil. He wasn't scrawny. He wasn't stocky either. I was a bit more built than him but not by much, "You must be Harry.",he said. I didn't say anything,"Okay, I see how it is. Giving me the silent treatment. I hurt your precious leprechaun.",he said. "What did you want me for. I have a boyfriend who's worried sick that you might slaughter me.",I said. It came out cold but I didn't care. "Slaughter? Nah, I don't wanna get messy. But I wanted to make an arrangement with you. If you let me see Niall, I will leave you guys alone forever. I just wanna remind him what he's missing. I want him back. But I'm not gonna take him. Deal?",he said.

 I saw Niall walk through the entrance and make his way over to us, i called him and explained what the deal was. I wasn't worried since I knew he would pick me. He came to the corner,"Hey baby! Miss me?",Jake asked. Niall came and sat on my lap,"No.",he said. Jake just laughed,"Come on baby, just dump him and come to the person you really love. And this will be all over.",he said. "Jake, you hurt me and I'm done with you. Now I pick Harry now please leave us alone.",he said. He got up and pulled me with him. Jake grabbed Niall's arm,"Niall please.",he said. Niall just looked at him,"Why the hell would I want you. I love Harry.",he said. I don't remember what happened between then and now. But I was laying on the ground and everything was blurry. I heard Niall screaming my name and i blacked out.

 I woke up on a cold hard floor, I sat up. "Where the hell am i?",I asked myself. "You somewhere no one will find you.",I heard a voice. I turned around,"I'm Kyle, Jake's assistant. I'm keeping you under watch so you can't escape.", Kyle said. "He kidnapped me?! Where's Niall!",I said. "Don't worry he only got you. When he kissed Niall, you got mad and punched him. You guys got in a brawl and he knocked you out. I grabbed Niall from behind and covered his eyes so he couldn't see you being taken away. And I covered his mouth because he was screaming your name really loudly. Then I put him to sleep and we left.",he said. I rolled my eyes and started silently crying. I hope he leaves like he promised.

                                                                                     Niall's P.O.V

 I woke with someone calling my name,"Niall? Niall? Niall?! NIALL!",the voice said. I couldn't recognize the voice, I slowly opened my eyes. I saw brown hair, my sight slowly cleared up. "Liam?",I asked. "Niall! where's Harry?! Harry's Gone we cant find him!",he said. Suddenly everything came flashing back. Jake kissing me, I pushed him off. And him and harry fought. He knocked Harry out and I was screaming his name. Then I blacked out. "Harry! They fucking got Harry we need to go. We need to find him!",I said. "Niall we have to go get the others! Paul is here too, where do you thin he is?",he asked. "Anything abandoned. Somewhere where it's too obvious so no one would look there. But i would.",I said.

 After about and hour of looking we still hadn't found him,"Niall it's getting late-" "No! I'm not gonna stop until I find him.",I said. I just looked at Greg,"How wold you feel if the one you loved was taken by a psychopath?!",I said. "I'm sorry Nialler, I just don't want you to push yourself too hard ya know?",he asked. "Yeah just keep helping me look yeah?",I asked. He nodded and continued walking, I don't understand. Oh!- Why haven't I thought of that sooner,"Guy follow me!",I said.

 When we got to the beach I walked up to someone walking,"Uhmm excuse me? Is there any abandoned houses near here?",I asked. The lady looked at me like I was crazy,"Please my friend is missing and I think he might be in an abandoned house. Please?",I begged. "Through there.",she said. She pointed to a pathway. "Thank you.",I said. I ran in that direction, I ran and ran until my legs went numb. I sat down on the ground and cried. "Niall, shh it's okay.",Louis tried to comfort me. I got up and started walking, Lou wrapped his arm around me in a comforting way.

 After about another 30 minuets I still didn't see anything, "Guys I'm sorry, maybe we should just try again tomorrow.",I said. "Niall! We are not giving up.",Mom said. "Alright.",I said. I smiled knowing my mom would always be the one to pick me up. I continued walking when I saw a little shack. Harry might be in there! I looked at the others and mouthed to be quiet and towards the shack. They all smiled,"You guys ready, because all Hell is about to break loose.",I said

                                                                 Harry's P.O.V

 I'm worried sick, I feel as if something bad is about to happen. I just want to be able to hold him again. I didn't even get to tell my mom bye, but I did this for Niall, our love. I heard some yelling and banging. Kyle and i looked up at the same time,"I'll be back stay here.",he said. He got up and left the room and shut the door. He's so stupid he didn't even lock the door, I silently got up and opened the door. "Where's my boyfriend! Jake I'll kick your ass I swear on my life. Niall! I ran out there and say Louis and Zayn ganging up on someone. I saw Paul guarding Maura and I saw Liam and Greg ganging up on Kyle. Where was Niall? "Niall!",I said. I ran in the kitchen and saw Niall and Jake fighting.

 I ran over to Niall and Jake and pulled Jake off of Niall. Niall had a busted lip and bleeding nose. "You bastard!",I yelled. I got over Jake and started hitting him in the face and Niall started kicking him. "Niall call the police, I'll take care of him.",I said. He nodded and walked away,"You hurt Niall and kidnapped me! I should fucking kill you!",I said. I punched him the face,"This is for hurting Niall" I kicked him. "This is for raping him." I punched him twice and his nose started gushing. "Please stop!",he said. I picked him up and slammed him against the wall,"Didn't Niall beg you stop when you beat him Day after Day?! Didn't he beg you to stop when you raped him?! But you didn't you continued you piece of shit!",I yelled. I kept punching until I felt a hand on my shoulder,"Harry. Stop, the police are on their way you don't wanna go to jail for killing him.",he said. I punched him one last time. "I hope you rot in Hell",I said. I kneed him in the balls and hopped on the counter.

 When the cops got here they arrested Jake,Kyle and that other guy. They told us we were free to go and we didn't have to go to court because they were automatically going to jail. They gave us a ride to the hotel. When we got there we all were gonna take showers and meet in our living room. "Babe do you wanna shower first?", I asked. He smiled and walked up to me,"Why don't we just save water and shower together.",he said. "I like the way you think Horan.",I said. We both walked to the bathroom and got undressed and hopped in the shower.

 As Niall was washing my back he stopped and came close to my ear,"You know, you are my hero.",he whispered. It gave me shivers, he kissed my neck. Then my shoulder, he turned me around and smashed his lips to mine. I pulled away,"As much as i would love to continue, they could walk in at any moment and i don't wanna start something we cant finish. It would be a disappointment.",I said. He sighed,"I suppose you're right, but we will continue this sometime.",he said. I smiled and turned the water off.

 We got out and got dressed, when we finished we brushed our teeth and went in the living room. After about 5 minuets everybody walked in the room,"I just want to thank you guys for not giving up on me And I want to thank you Paul for coming all the way here for me.",I said. "Are kidding! We love you too much.",Louis said. "Anything for you Harry.",Paul said. "Well I just want to say I'm happy you guys are okay! I mean you guys could have got seriously hurt. And Liam, did I ever say you were my best fiend? Well you are. And you too, Louis and Zayn. I love you guys. Mom, Greg. I love you guys too.",Niall said.

 We all said Goodnight and went to bed. I went and layed down,"Niall come cuddle me!",I said. He came around corner and ran up to me and jumped on top of me. We both started laughing,"well hello my superman.",I said. He laughed and kissed my head,"You know how you said I was your hero, well your mine. You risked being hurt to help me. I love so much, I'm so proud to call you my boyfriend.",I said. He smiled at me,"Hopefully someday I can call you my husband, and we can adopt little styles.",he said. "You think about that?",I asked. He looked worried,"Like you would actually want that. With me?",I asked. "Yes, I love you. But I don't wanna rush things If it make you uncomfortable I'll just drop it.",he said. "No! I love the though of little Horans running around.",I said. "Really?",he said. "Yes. Now let's sleep.",I said. I put my head on his chest and he started humming I wish. And I fell asleep.

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