(Not famous in the story) Niall and Harry used to be best friends. Now their sworn enemies. Niall goes through alot at home, as well as Harry. But eventually Harry learns a secret about Niall. How will this effect their relationship?


6. History comes back to bite me in the arse


                                                                   Chapter 6.

 I woke up in Harry's bed,but no Harry. "He's seriously got to stop this.",I said. I went downstairs,"Harry?",I said. I didn't get a response, I checked the whole downstairs. I wonder where he is? Maybe he's outside. I went outside and he was sitting in the hammock,"There you are.",I said. "Who's Jake?",he said. I was confused,"Jake? What Jake?",I asked. "Your phone went off this morning and woke me up, you were still sleeping so I picked it up but it had no caller I.D. I answered and said "Hello". He said"Who is this?" I said "Harry who is this?" "He said Jake" and hung up.

 Oh no, this isn't happening. No no no no no no no no no no no no no. What if he comes after me? What if he hurts Harry? Oh poor Harry, I won't let him get involved. Shit! What am I gonna do?! "Niall!",he screamed. "Yes?",I said. "You were spaced out for 10 minuets, I've been calling your name the entire time. Who is he?",he asked. "He's no one let's just go inside.",I said. "No! you were spaced out for 10 minuets. Who. Is. He. Are you cheating on me? To get back at me for hurting you?",he said. "No! I would never do that I love you!",I said. "Then tell me who he is Niall.",he said. "He's my Ex, my abusive,mean,cruel Ex."I said.

 Harry's eyes widened,"Abusive?! He abused you?! I'll kill him.",he said. "No Harry, I don't even know where he is. He was supposed to be in jail for a long time. He shouldn't be out, he's gonna kill me. Dammit!",I said. I was so mad, I started crying. "Niall why was he in jail?",Harry asked. I didn't want him to find out about this. "For raping and beating me.",I said. "WHAT?! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME ABOUT THIS!",he yelled. "I didn't want you to worry about it. He was never gonna be in my life, but i guess I was wrong.",I said. "I'm not gonna let him hurt you. You are mine. I am yours.",he said. "Harry he's dangerous, he'll kill me. Just let me handle this, I need to call my mom and Greg.",I said.

 I walked in the house and dialed my Mom,"Hello?",she said. "M-om.",I said. I tried to keep myself together but I cracked. "What's wrong? You sound like you're gonna cry.",she said. "It's jake. He called my phone earlier while I was sleep. Harry picked up, he knows. He's gonna kill me!",I said. "What?! He was supposed to e in there 25 to life. Get home now! I'm calling Greg. We have to get you outta here, we'll go on a trip or something. Get home now!",she said. And with that she hung up. I ran up the stairs and got my stuff. I ran down the stairs and went outside,"Harry take me home now please.",I said. I started crying, he came over and hugged me,"It's okay we'll get through this.",he said.

 We pulled up to my house and went inside. "Niall!", Greg said. He ran up to me and hugged me,"It's okay, he's not gonna touch you.",he said. "Can someone please explain what he did to Niall.",Harry said. "No. You need to go, stay hidden. Don't get yourself involved.",I said. "No! You're my boyfriend. And I'll be Damned if you get taken away and I just got you back.",he said. "He's right. He's already involved for picking up the phone. If we leave him here he'll get hurt we need to take him.",Mom said. I turned to Greg for support, he just shook his head. "They're right, I'll tell him if you want?",he said. I shook my head,"No I will.",I said

 Harry and I sat on the couch,"About a year after our fight, I met this guy. Jake. He was sweet, funny,caring, and everything I wanted. Since Mom and Greg knew about me being Gay I brought him home and introduced him. I was madly in love with the kid, that night we were outside laying in the grass. We kissed and we started dating. The first couple months he was great, being so sweet and gentle. Then he started abusing me, but I loved him too much to let him go. One moment he was nice, then he was beating me. After about 6 months of him beating me, we were here alone. Greg had just left to go with some friends. He decided to rape me, when he was done. He told me to put my clothes and he starting beating me.",I said.

At this point I was crying,"Greg walked in and pulled him off me, he pined him on the ground and started punching him the face. I called Mom and the cops. They hauled him off and in the next week we had court. Jake told them everything even about beating me before the incident. He looked at me, from across the stand and said. "Niall is mine and always will be. When I get out, I'll find him and whoever gets in my way is dead. Nobody will ever love him as much as me. He's ugly, stupid and will never get anybody." I left the room and never saw him again. Mom said he got 25 to life, I had nightmares every night. For about 4 months. Liam was here for me, but not even he helped. Mom ended making me see a shrink. I got better and was on medication, eventually I got over it. But now he's back. And he knows Liam, he'll kill him. We only have 12 days until school starts again. We need to leave now and get Liam. And Louis and Zayn, just in case.",I said.

 We called Liam,Louis,and Zayn and explained everything. They decided to come, we were gonna go to Hawaii to get far away. They called their parents and told them we were gong on a trip. We packed our stuff and got plane tickets for all of us. We drove to airport and I was shaking, "Niall it's okay I'm not gonna let no one hurt you okay?",Harry said. I just shook my head,"Flight 182 to Hawaii is boarding now." We all got up and boarded the plane. As soon as I sat down and closed my eyes I was out like a light.


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