(Not famous in the story) Niall and Harry used to be best friends. Now their sworn enemies. Niall goes through alot at home, as well as Harry. But eventually Harry learns a secret about Niall. How will this effect their relationship?


10. Because I love you.




                                                                             Chapter 10.

 These last couple of days,Harry's been gone alot. And when he came back,he was kinda distant, I was sitting on the couch when Harry walked through the door. "Hey Babe! Where ya been?",I asked. "Out.",he said. I rolled my eyes and turned towards the T.V even though it wasn't on. I don't understand why he's ignoring me, I mean a couple of days ago he was going to die for me. I just don't understand,"Niall?",he said. "I looked at him,"What Harry?!",I spat. "Why are you crying?",he asked.

 I didn't realize I was crying, I wiped them away. "I'm not. My eyes just burn, It's not like you'd care anyway.",I said. He looked as if I just stabbed him,"Of course I'd care! I almost died for you!",he said. "Well you haven't been acting like it. Leaving me in the hotel alone. Acting all distant towards me!",I said. His expression softened,"I didn't mean it like that. I'm sorry. How about we go out tonight? And I make it up to you?",he said. "Fine.",I said. "Be ready by 7:00",he said. I looked at the clock,"Harry, it's 6:15. I only have 45 minuets.",I said. "Well,you better hurry.",he said.

 I still wasn't finished, I was trying to get my hair perfect. "Niall come on we need to go!",he said. "Okay hold on.",I said. I ran my fingers through my hair,"Ugh!",I said. "Babe you look perfect let's go.",he said. I sighed and walked out to the lobby with him,"Where are we going?",I asked. "I'm not going to tell you.",he said. He opened the car door for me and I got in. I waited for him to get in,"Why not?",I asked. He started driving,"Because.",he said.

 For next what seemed like and hour, was actually 10 minuets. I tried to get it out of him but he wouldn't budge, he almost did when I leaned over and started kissing his neck. "Ni-Niall stop! I'm driving.",he said. I laughed and sat down knowing I almost got my way,"Besides, we're here anyway.",he said. We were at the beach, it was so pretty. There was a path of candles, we got out and he got a bag out of the trunk. "What's that?",I asked. "You'll see.",he said.

 We followed the path and it led to a little cave, there was a mattress and some blankets and pillows. "Did you do this?",I asked. He just smiled,"That's why you've been gone? You were planing this? And I was being a complete Dick to you earlier. I'm sorry Harry.",I said. I felt so bad, he went through all of this just for me and I was completely rude to him. "It's fine baby, let's just forget everything okay?",he asked. "Yeah.",I said. We sat down and he pulled out the bag. "I brought food and clothes.",he said. I smiled,"I love you.",I said.

 We watched the sun set, it was beautiful,"Harry this was amazing.",I said. "We're not done, he got up and shuffled around in the bag. He got a little box,"Niall, I love you so much. This is not a proposal. Yet anyway. But it's a promise ring, a promise that I'll love you. Forever.",he said. He put it on my finger,"I love you.",he said. "I love you too. So much.",I said. I grabbed his face and smashed our lips together. He ran his tongue over my lips and I happily let him in. He pushed my down on the bed and climbed on top of me.

 He was hovering over me, he kissed ever inch of my face. I giggled and he smashed his lips to mine. I tugged on his shirt,"Off.",I muttered. He took it off breaking the kiss for about 5 seconds. He took mine off and started kissing me again. He left my lips, trailing down my neck. Then my stomach right above my waist band, he came back up and started kissing and nipping at my neck. "You sure about this?",he asked. "I want you.",I replied. "I want you too.",he said.


 That morning I woke up and looked at Harry, he was on top of me. His hair everywhere, he was so cute. I started thinking about last night, it was the best night of my life. He was amazing, and gentle. He was such a tease too. I laughed,"What are you laughing about?",he asked. I didn't even realize he was looking at me,"How you are such a tease.",I said. He laughed,"And about how last night was the best night of my life, you made it so special. It was definitely better than doing it while you just got back from the gym.",I said. He laughed,"It was the best night of my life too.",he said.

 We got up and packed everything and left,"Harry we left the mattress and blankets and stuff there.",I said. "Well someone else can use it for a date.",he said. "We didn't even straighten it up! We had sex on it! We can't just leave it there!",I said. "Why?",he said. "We had sex on it!",I said. "I'm just kidding, I'll have someone take care of it.",he said. "You're a jerk, I actually thought you were gonna leave it there.",I said. "No, I wouldn't.",he said. We got to the hotel and went up to our room,"We're gonna have to leave tomorrow. School starts back up in 3 days.",he said. "Yeah,we better start packing.",I said.


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