(Not famous in the story) Niall and Harry used to be best friends. Now their sworn enemies. Niall goes through alot at home, as well as Harry. But eventually Harry learns a secret about Niall. How will this effect their relationship?


12. Back to school


                                                              Chapter 12.

 The bell just rang for 2nd hour and I was walking to class. I went inside and sat down in my chair,and waited for Harry to come in. He walked in keeping his head down. He sat behind me,"Hey Babe.",I said. He kept his head down,"Hey.",he said. "What's wrong?",I asked. "Nothing.",he replied. I knew he didn't wanna tell me,"Harold Edward Styles, look at me right now.",I said. He slowly lifted lifted his face, I gasped. "What the hell happened to your eye? Who did this to you.",I asked. "No one I fell.",he said. "Harry you don't get a fucking black eye from falling, who did this to you?",I asked. "Gabe.",he said. "From the football team?!",I hissed. "Yeah, just don't do anything okay?",he said. "Why did he do it?",I asked. He didn't answer me then I realized. I turned around and just tapped my pen, I'm gonna teach little gaby a lesson.

 As soon as the bell rang I ran out of class toward the football field. I heard Harry calling after me but I didn't care. I saw Gabe and his Girlfriend making out on the bleachers. Gross. "GABE!",I yelled. He turned and looked at me with a smirk on his face. I ran up the bleachers,"Why the Hell did you beat up Harry?",I asked. "Because he's a faggot, just like you.",he said. "That doesn't give you a right to beat him up. You'll leave him alone from now on do you understand me?",I said. He just laughed, I punched him in the face with all I had. "Don't you ever touch him again or I will personally hunt you down and kill you! Understand?!",I growled. He just shook his head yes and I walked away.

 Harry walked up to me as I walked into the gym,"Did he touch you? Why didn't you stop? I ran after you. What happened?",he asked. I just laughed, "Chill Styles, I'm fine. Let's just say he won't be touching you ever again.",I said. "What did you do?",he asked. "Well I sorta, might have punched him and made his nose gush blood. Then told him I'd hunt him down and kill him if he ever touch you again.",I said. I smiled,"You can't just death threat people Niall!",he said. He was trying to act mad but it didn't work,"You know you love it.",I said. "I must say you are pretty sexy being all tough.",he said. I just smiled and grabbed his hand as I walked over to the boys.

 When we walked into the lunch room everybody got quiet. "What's going on? Why is everyone staring at us?",I asked. "I dunno.",Harry said. Liam ran up to us,"Li,why is everyone looking at us like we won a medal or something?",I asked. "Well word on the street is that you beat up Gabe and now every closeted Gay in school has came out thanks to you.",he said. I smiled,"Oh damn!",I said. I was happy,"Horan. My office. Now.",said Principle Jones. "Oh Damn.",I said. Mom was not gonna be happy. I looked at Harry who was trying to hide his smirk, I just glared at him as he walked off.

 "Violence is not tolerated in this school Horan, for that I must call your Mom and suspend you.",he said. "But he bullied my boy- Harry. Punched him in the face for being gay! I couldn't just let him do that!",I said. "I understand that Horan, he is suspended as well. He wasn't even the one who told, it was his girlfriend.",he said. Of course Taylor, the most bitchiest cheerleader ever. Had to run her mouth,"Okay how many days am I suspended?",I asked. "Gabe get's 5, you get 3. Your mom is in the office, you are dismissed.",he said. I sighed and got up,"Oh Niall?",he said. "Yes.",he said. "I understand he's your boyfriend and I'm proud of you for sticking up for him. But if I don't punish you, I'll get fired.",he said. I smiled,"Thank you.",I replied.

We got in the car,"What were you thinking? Death threatening him? Punching him?! Have I not taught you better?",she said. "Mom just let me explain.",I said. She just glared at me,"You better have a good reason.",she said. "He beat up Harry for us being in a gay relationship. I love Harry more than anything and I was not just gonna let him beat him up. I mean Harry almost died for not just me but, everyone.",I said. She sat there for a minuet before speaking,"Well, you have a sensible reason. Just don't threaten him next time okay?",she said. I smiled,"Yes Ma'am.",I replied.

 We got home and Mom started cooking lunch since I didn't have any. And I went up to my room, and turned the T.V on. Nothing good was on and I was really bored. This was gonna be a long couple of Days. "Niall! Can you come down here for a second hun?",Mom yelled. I ran down the steps,"Yeah?",I asked. "My job just called, I'm gonna have to go out of town for about a week. You think you'll be alright here by yourself?",she asked. "Yes Mom I'm fine. When are you leaving?",I asked. "Uhmm now after I pack.Food is done on the stove just heat it up when you want it.",she said. "Okay, well be safe! Love you.",I said. I hugged her and went up to my room.One hour passed. Another. Another. And another. Ugh I was bored. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want to be at school.

 I was now hanging upside down on my bed,"What time is it?",I asked myself. I grabbed my phone, 3:30. Harry should be home in a couple minuets. Ten minuets passed. This is longest Day of my life,"Niall?",Harry called. He's here! I ran down the steps and jumped in his arms,"Thank God you're here. It was so boring without you. I missed you so much.",I said. He laughed,"Calm down babe, it's only been like 5 hours.",he said. I kissed him and pulled away,"5 hours too long. By the way, Mom is on a business trip for the next couple days.",I said. "So we get the house to ourselves?",he asked. "No. I get my house to MY self.",I said. "Why don't you ever want me here?",he asked. Babe it's not that I don't want you here. I do. But you have a family, you're not just gonna blow them off for me. I won't let you.",I said.

 For the next hour we ate and just talked about nothing,"Okay next topic!",he said. "Uhmm messy twister!",I said. "What's that?",he said. "Oh my goodness you forgot! We used to play that all the time when we were like 5.",I said. "Oh where you put the color of paint on the dots?",he asked. "Yes! That was like the best game in the world.",I said. "You're so cute when you're excited.",he said. I smiled,"Okay next topic!",I said."Uhm I don't know.",he said. "How about bullying?",I said. His face got pale and i instantly regretted it. "I'm sorry babe, I don't know why I said that-" "Are you still upset with me about that?",he asked. "Upset? No. I'm just... it's just. You wouldn't understand, it's hard to forget that someone you love used to bully you. I mean I forgave you. But I can't just forget ya know?",I said.


harry kinda just sat there,"I'm really sorry I brought it up.",I said. He looked me in the eyes and then looked at my lips. He leaned in and we kissed. As it started progressing I pulled away,"You have to be able to walk around school tomorrow.",I said. He laughed,"Not necessarily.",he said. I giggled,"Not tonight.",I said. He sighed in defeat,"Fine.",he said. He pulled away,"We can still kiss.",I said. "But I need these to talk.",he said. I laughed,"You're an ass.",I said. "Then you're a dick.",he said. At first I didn't get it. "Harry! You're so perverted!",I said. He laughed,"Let's watch a movie yeah?",he said. "Yeah.",I said. He put in Love actually and I snuggled up against his shoulder. "Niall?",he asked. "Yeah?",I replied. "I love you.",he said. "I love you too.",I said.



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