Blood is a Melody

A young girl named Melody, loves music more then anything else in the world, she also loves supernatural beings. One day, a boy transfers to her school, will she find out his dark and mysterious secret? Or will she die like the rest who have found out? Read to find out.


5. The note, the secret, the darkness and the be-trayel

Melodys POV 

'Dear Melody,

If you are reading this right now, then, you are alive, we are also alive, just hiding. We faked our death to see what you would do, you raised yourself, you fed yourself, you survived:) we are truly proud of you Melody. Our dear...we have been keeping a secret from you, you are a witch/werewolf, a hybrid, you and a young boy are the chosen ones. You have met him before in fact you've known him since you were 1 day old. He is the same as you but half vampire instead of a witch. On your 18th birthday you will see him and us, your parents. Please stay alive until then. 

          Yours Sincerely, Mother and Father.'

I kept re-reading it, a small smile creeping on my face. I turned the paper over and there was more writing,

'p.s also on your 18th birthday you will shift at precisely 6:00am. Find you mate before then and they will help you shift. If you don't find him, you may either die or go through the I'm-bearable pain and die, either way, you must find you partner, if you survive, you might be the chosen one, if you are the chosen one, and with you mate, you will still go through the in-bearable pain, good luck sweetie' 

one thing crossed my mind instantly, 'find my mate!'

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