Blood is a Melody

A young girl named Melody, loves music more then anything else in the world, she also loves supernatural beings. One day, a boy transfers to her school, will she find out his dark and mysterious secret? Or will she die like the rest who have found out? Read to find out.


4. Surprise box

Nialls POV

i smell the same smell I've smelt for the last 200 years. Blood. I love it. It's lovely scent, it's bitter sweet taste. But there is an unfamiliar smell I can sense, it smells like love, the ocean and...chocolate. At the moment I'm in p.e. the most dreadful subject I can never avoid!  "ALRIGHT LADIES!! TODAY WE ARE GOING TO BE DOING PAIR WORKS!!" The teacher, Miss Hatshepsut (say hat-sep-shoot) 'jeez we are right here no need to yell' I thought, I hear A girl giggle. I look over to the girl. The same girl I saw this morning. I smile "what was that mister Horan?" The teacher says "huh?" I ask casually earning laughs to scatter the gym "whatever" she mumbles 'bitch' I thought.

melodys POV 

Miss Hatshepsut told us to find a partner. I didn't budge all I did was sit on a pile of chairs "MISS SONG ARE YOU PARTICIPATING!??" The teacher yells "noPe" I say popping the 'P' "GET OUT THEN!!" She says pointing at the door "yes SIR!!" I salute "HEADMASTER!!" She screams as I laugh "don yell at her like that!" A boys voice booms "what?" The teacher asks. I just walk out and towards the exit of the school "HEY!! WAIT UP!!" I ignore it and walk out towards my blue mustang 1999. I hop in and drive down the littered street looking for my dull house. I park in the old drive way and postpone the engine. I unlock the brown and dull door to my 2-story high house, as I walk in i feel as if I need to look for something in my parents room. I do as I thought and walk upstairs. I try to open the budged door and eventually do, my nostrils fill with the armoire  of perfume and deodorant. I look in my oarents draws everywhere until I come across. Big black box about half my size. I drag it into my purple walled room and open the lid.....I gasp and a tear escapes my eyes for the first time in 13 years. I see a black journal with my name on it in fancy writing. I open it to see my mothers neat cursive writing 'Dear Melody....

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