Blood is a Melody

A young girl named Melody, loves music more then anything else in the world, she also loves supernatural beings. One day, a boy transfers to her school, will she find out his dark and mysterious secret? Or will she die like the rest who have found out? Read to find out.


2. Screams are everything

Melody's POV

"slut!" One threw at me "suicide homosexual!!" Another screams kicking my inner thigh "thanks for the lovely comments girl really!! I really appreciate it" I say walking towards the music room. A.k.a my freedom from the world. I close the blue wooden door behind me as I walk into a room full of instruments "I want I want I want but that's crazy I want I want I want but that's not me" I hear faintly from another room down the hall being sun. I ignore it and close the door to enter the instrumental room. I set my purple bag on the floor next to the door and walk towards the piano, my all time favourite musical feature. I sit on the brown wooden chair opposite the piano starting to play 'Let Your Hair Down' by Corinne Rae. I start to softly sing to it when the door bursts open to 5 cackling boys. I ignore it and keep playing taking me out of the world "ugh hiiii?" A boy with brown hair and blue eyes waves his hand in front of me "why hello there! What can I do ya for?" I snicker still playing whilst humming to the song "just wondering what your doin' here?" He asks sitting down next to me while the other boys try to hold back a laugh as the guy that say next to me puts his hand on my upper thigh 'dick' I thought shoving his hand away and standing up "oh come in baby what's wrong?" He says coming after me smirking "oh! I'm sorry if you want pleasure for your tiny dick, I'm just not ready for....your tiny excuse of a penis" I say pointing to his small erected penis. The boys behind him burst out laughing while I smirk "I hope I did you swell" I say grabbing my bag and walking out leaving the perverted guy shocked as I smirk again and flip my loose hair. I walk into the main hall and immediately bump into someone "oi! Watch it!" I snigger picking up my books as he helps me "I'm truly sorry but I'm looking for the office?" He asks. I look up into his bewildered dazzling blue eyes "uh-huh...down the hall to the left. Your welcome!" I say starting to walk away "WAIT!! Can you come with me please?" He asks "ugh suuuurrrreee" I slurr out walking in the opposite direction towards the office. 


A/N please no hate thanks:)

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