Blood is a Melody

A young girl named Melody, loves music more then anything else in the world, she also loves supernatural beings. One day, a boy transfers to her school, will she find out his dark and mysterious secret? Or will she die like the rest who have found out? Read to find out.


1. Melody Song

Hi my name is Melody Song and I absolutely ADORE music. I also have a thing for supernatural beings. I have original purple that fades to blue type of hair that reached the middle of my lower back, I have ocean blue eyes with a bit of green swimming around in them, I am anorexic and I cut. I have been anorexic since grade 3, and I've only recently started to cut. I've even tried commuting suicide once. My parents died at a young age although I was NEVER put into an orphanage I managed to feed myself and transport myself to school.  no-one knew what happened to my parents, but I do, I watched them die horrifically. I never broke a single tear after that night, I never spoke to anyone, I never approved of ANYONE trying to help and become friends with me. My teachers always kept me in after class because they were worried. I never said anything to them, I just walked out. Anyway, enough of my pathetic life, I am now 17 going to a free public school.

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