Blood is a Melody

A young girl named Melody, loves music more then anything else in the world, she also loves supernatural beings. One day, a boy transfers to her school, will she find out his dark and mysterious secret? Or will she die like the rest who have found out? Read to find out.


3. Fights are the worst...or is it?

Nialls POV 

"GUYS!!" Paul screams gaining our attention "you are transferring to a high school in Dallas" he says. Immediately all of us groan "why?" Louis asks holding onto his hair pretending to cry "now boys its only for 6 months" Paul says "WHAT!!?! HALF A YEAR!!" Zayn screams smashing his mirror "that way you can make friends and meet new people!" Paul says pushing us out of the bus onto a gravel road "have fun!" Paul says saluting us off. We all turn around and groan at the sight of the high school we will be going to "see ya!" I say walking off without hesitation. I walk around the school and bump into the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen "I'm truly sorry I'm just looking for the office?" I ask nervously "uh-huh down the hall to your left. Your welcome!" She says starting to walk off "WAIT!! Can you come with me?" I ask mentally slapping myself "ugh..suuuurrrree" she slurrs walking away awkwardly "ugh god dammit why am I say creepy?" I ask myself walking towards a purplish greenish door with bold letters says "office" on the front. I open it and get my schedule:









• home 



Melody's POV 

i walk into my first class. Music. YAY!! I love music. I take a seat up the back and soon enough the gorgeous blue eyes I met earlier walk in "am I late?" He asks. I giggle and he catches a glimpse of me before walking towards me and taking a seat next to me "hi!" I say sarcastically. 

This is going to be a llllooooooonnnnnnggggggg day! 

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