The Witches (Supernatural/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Being a witch is hard. Hard for us when you have you have to save the world and sing. You could just ask these 6 best friends. Jade, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn. Are witches. They protect the world from evil. Jade is there make-up and hair stylist living the dream with them.

For the boys they sing have tons of screaming girls after them. But when its time to save the world we are in action. No matter what.

But what happens when a new evil arrives that is hard to beat? Can these 6 witches stop the evil and bring peace to the world again? Romance is blossoming and friendships lost can they do it? Read more and find out.


1. Chapter 1

Jade Smith Power/Abilities:

Powers/ Ability: All elements and freezing people

Harry Styles Power/ Abilities:
Premonitions, Fire and blowing up things

Louis Tomlinson Power/ Abilities:
Ice, walking through walls and creating storms

Niall Horan Power/ Abilities:
Earth, Luck and seeing things that happened in the past

Liam Payne Power/ Abilities:
Invisibility, moving things with mine and Water

Zayn Malik Power/ Abilities:
Drawing things that come to life, Spirit and stealing others powers



The boys and I were mucking around in the tour bus. Well we started to make a cakes when we had a food fight. We couldn't stop. I screamed as Harry got flour down my back. Harry gave me an 'uh oh' look as I put some flour into my hands and smashed it against his face softly. That's when Paul came on. Louis hit him by accident.

"What are you kids doing?" Paul scolded but than laughed.

He could never get mad at us even if he tried.

"You better clean this up when you are done" Paul said.

We nodded and the oven dinged. Louis grabbed the first cake we made out. I smiled and decorated it. That's what I did in the bakery I decorated all the cakes and well made everything. Harry did some but he mostly served. The boys kept having a food fight. Once the food fight was over. We all cleaned up laughing. Harry than squirted me with water. I screamed because it was cold. Harry laughed. I looked at him and used my water power. He screamed and smirked at me. I knew what he was going to do

"No" I said and ran out of the tour bus.

Harry followed. Once he caught me. He hugged me and span me around. I couldn't help but laugh. This is why we are all best friends because we get along more than anybody else would. Not because of who we are but because we take the time to listen to each other. be with one another. Love one another and play with one another. Not in the way people. We are the best of friends now and forever. Harry and I walked back into the tour bus again.

I had the shower after Liam. Once I was done. I felt refreshed. That's when we all heard a bang outside. I quickly got dressed and ran out. The boys standing around me. We looked and saw an explosion. A huge one. But who could have caused? We all looked at each other and ran to follow it. When we saw 6 people getting up from the ground. They turned and faced us.

"Ah One Direction and their little friend" A guy laughed.

We all got mad.

"Who are you?" Louis asked.

"We are the people who are going to end the world" A girl said.

We just laughed. They looked at us confused.

"Well you see we can do this" Harry said and used his power smashing them all into a wall. 

One of them grabbed Harry and smashed him into a wall. Making him bleed.


He looked at me and smiled. I got mad and used all the energy I had right now.

"Louis take Harry back I can take this" I said.

Louis nodded and helped Harry up. They walked out of view. Liam, Niall and Zayn helped me fight. Once we finished. The 6 evil witches laughed and vanished.

"Come on" I said to the boys.

They nodded and we ran back to the tour bus. Harry had an ice pack on his head.

"Never underestimate a witch Harold" I said.

"I'm sorry" Harry smirked.

"Yeah I know. Know you need to rest. Here" I said putting a bandage on his now.

Harry just smiled. 

"Now go to bed" 

Harry chuckled and made his way to his bunk. Once he was in. He closed the curtain and fell asleep. At 9:30. The boys and I got into our bunks and slept. The next day I woke up and groaned. I got out of the bunk. I groaned in pain. Harry walked up.

"You alright?" He asked his morning voice.

I nodded. "Yeah just my arm."

Harry checked my arm. "Just bruised love. What happened after I left?" He asked.

"Got hit" I said.

Harry nodded. We walked into the lounge area and joined the rest of the boys.



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