5 Idiots wanna adopt me

Alison has had a rough life until she was sent to an orphanage. Alison thought she would never be adopted since she was 14 everybody thought " she was too old" Until one day
Read to find out


37. you can go


Eleanor and I walked upstairs to talk. "So Ali what's up?"

"A boy asked me out on a date and Louis won't let me go"

"Well who is this boy?"

"His name is Cody"

"Does this Cody have a last name?"

"Simpson......Cody Simpson"

"Cody Simpson as in THE Cody Simpson?"


" How did you two meet?"

"Well you see this morning I stopped a Starbucks while in the mean time I ran into someone. We were both ate for work, but neither of us knew we were on our way to the same place. Uncle Simon wanted me to put a bonus track on the album in this case it was a duet. It was a cover of a Michael Jackson song Smooth Criminal. We sung and he asked me on  date. Louis then came in an once we left he told me Cody likes me an then we got into a heated argument" I said my voice cracking in t end and small tears streaming down my face.

Eleanor then stretched over and hug me. " you really like this boy don't you" I nodded " He is so nice and such a gentlemen Eleanor and he has an amazing accent. Australian. He is so handsome and he just seems perfect" I finished off.

She nodded and bit down on her bottom lip. " Well looks like Louis and I need to have a little chat about you and Cody" She walked out of the room.



I walked out Alison's room and went downstairs to talk to Louis. Alison needed to go on this date. She really likes Cody and whether Louis knows it or not she could benefit from this date. She needs someone it her life she can go to romantically. "Louis we need to talk" He nodded and followed me out to the patio.

" Let her go on this date"


"she really likes Cody and he might really like her some of them are different remember. You may have broke my heart once and I moved away cause I couldn't bare to look at you without crying and there I met Harry and we became best fiends and eventually you and I met again so what exactly could g wrong"

" What if they aren't meant to be?"

" Then you are going on tour in 3 days and he lives in Australia they will see each other very rarely and she will learn the lessons that not all boys are good boys"

" I guess you are right hun"


she walked downstairs " you can go"-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

So what do you think is gonna happen are Alison and Cody meant to be?  





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